LLW – Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Paper tiger

By the time the students reached where the spectacle was, they realized that their concerns were unfounded.

Look at their Xiao Shimei, where did she look a bit of at a loss?

On the contrary, its Qian Ba who’s already sweating.

He chased after Feng Chuge again and again, but every time, he rushed into thin air.

Every attack Qian Ba launched, he used every ounce of his strength.

After several rounds down, Qian Ba was already puffing and blowing with sweat trickling down his face.

In contrast, Feng Chuge was like a woman with all the time in the world. Every time Qian Ba was about to touch her, she just passes by…

In time, more and more students gathered around them.

Each and every one watched as the fight unfolded and couldn’t help but click their tongues in amazement.

That’s not right…

Logically speaking, Feng Chuge’s strength is much lower than Qian Ba. So how come, Qian Ba couldn’t even touch Feng Chuge’s sleeves?

As they were left wondering, a clear mocking voice echoed throughout the place, “Tsk tsk… Shixiong… This kind of strength won’t do. Aren’t you in Class 2? Now look, you can’t even beat me! How did Shixiong even advance to Class 2?”

The moment Feng Chuge’s commentary was heard, the spectators burst into laughter.

Several people began to whisper, “I didn’t expect Qian Ba to be a piece of waste. But I had heard that he was able to get into second class because his father is an elder. Now, it seems everything was actually true.”

“Right? It seems that we were all cheated by him. Before, whenever I looked at him, I thought he really was a master. I never imagined him to be such a….”

“Hahaha…. He is nothing more than a paper tiger!! We don’t have to be afraid of him anymore!!”

A growing amoung of ridicule could be heard all around.

Qian Ba who was exhausted and gasping for breath, was deeply stimulated.


Paper tiger….

No, he is not!

How could he, the genius of Class 2 in Yuntian College, be ridiculed by these groups of people?

Qian Ba, who could almost collapse from being drained off his strength, was stirred into straightening up once more.

He fished out a pill from his sleeves and swallowed it all at once.

This is the coagulating pill that Elder Qian has given him, which he uses on top of every class entrance test.

With the pill, his strength will shoot up by leaps and bounds within a short period of time.

A cold arc formed on the corner of Feng Chuge’s lips.

It seems that….

She has really pushed Qian Ba to a certain point at last.

Others may not have noticed Qian Ba taking the pill, but Feng Chuge saw it clearly.

This coagulating pill may boost one’s strength in a short time, but the body will without doubt be eroded.

Nobody would use it unless they were at a critical juncture!

Feng Chuge watched Qian Ba in amusement. In no time, the momentum around him indeed strengthened in an instant!!

Qian Ba slowly raised his hands.

With this movement, he seemed to control a gust of wind all over the place….

A powerful momentum emerged and the groups of people who were immersed in gossiping immediately closed their mouths….

This momentum….

It’s really too formidable!!

Sensing the disquiet from everyone, Qian Ba smiled smugly.

He then shot Feng Chuge a cocky stare before chargin towards her!

After taking the coagulation pill, his current strength has finally reached the genuine advanced level of a spiritual great master!!

“Oh my… This Qian Ba, he actually isn’t a paper tiger!!”

“Good heavens, this Xiao Shimei is going to be miserable!!”

Someone exclaimed in alarm.

Among the onlookers, the students of Class 7 who noticed the sudden surge in Qian Ba’s strength, leaped forward one after the other, ready to engage.


They absolutely can’t let their Xiao Shimei get hurt!!

As they charged forward, a white beam of light from above Qian Ba’s head suddenly lit up from nobody knows where.

Notes: Paper tiger – someone that claims or appears to be powerful and/or threatening

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