EP – Chapter 153

Chapter 153: More poisonous than a white lotus

The contract that was taken back from Dishi was handed over to the relevant colleagues. Ning Xiaofei returned to the office and saw Zhang Yue packing up and preparing to leave. She asked curiously.

“Where are you going?”

“To the studio.”

His answere ignited Ning Xioafei’s spirits. As a newcomer, she has still much to learn and does not want to stay idle on the sidelines.

“Can I go with you, too?”

Zhang Yue only looked at Ji Mo, signaling her to ask for permission. Before Ning Xiaofei could open her mouth, Ji Mo took the initiative and handed her a paperbag.

“There is a microphone inside, be careful!”

“Yes, Director Ji!”

Ning Xiaofei stretched out her hand and saw the gauze wrapped around it. Ji Mo stiffened.

“Is your hand okay?”

“It’s alright!” Ning Xiaofei reached out with her left hand and took the paper bag. “This minor injury won’t hold me down!’

As the three made way to the door, Pei Ruoxi, who was just returning after boiling water for a cup of coffee, saw Ning Xiaofei talking with Ji Mo cheerfully and headed to block to door.

“Are you going to the studio?”

“Yes, Sister Pei. We are going to test the equipment.”

“Just in time, I tag along too.”

She ran into the office, picked up her bag and followed the three into the elevator.

The station attached great importance to this column and arranged the most well-equipped Studio 9 for their exclusive use. After a period of effort, the decorations in the studio were almost in place.

The stage background painted blue and black with white sofas were simple, but emit a high-end ambience.

Ning Xiaofei sighed the moment she walked it. “Just how tall are you, was these your design?”

Ji Mo replied flatly, “The idea was mine, but everyone has put in an effort for this output.”

Pei Ruoxi walked right to his side and silently snorted in disdain.

As soon as they entered the studio, everyone immediately split up and took action. Ning Xiaofei also followed behind behind Zhang Yue to help. Whenever she didn’t understand something, she asked.

After several days of rest and recuperation, the wounds on her hands have recovered a lot. Her left hand was basically healed. The wounds on her right hand were slightly heavier, but as long as it doesn’t involve too much work, it was no problem.

When a few people was raising a backboard, Pei Ruoxi who was standing idle on the side ran to hold a part of the iron frame opposite Ji Mo.

Ning Xiaofei threw away the gauze in her hand upon seeing everyone having a hard time and also hurried forward to help.

Ji Mo saw her and immediately forbade her, “There’s no need for your help. Your hand is hurt. Don’t let it get worse.”

“It’s fine!” Ning Xiaofei ran over to hold the iron frame beside Ji Mo. Pei Ruoxi on the other side sneered coldly and deliberately loosened her hold. The sudden increase of weight in her hands was too much for Ning Xiaofei to support and she was forced to kneel down on the steps.

“Be careful!” Ji Mo reached over and supported the iron frame with his body. Then he turned his face and looked at Ning Xiaofei, who was kneeling down on the steps. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Ning Xiaofei forced a smile and stood up to help once more.

After several people finally lifted the backboard and installed it, Ning Xiaofei noticed a huge scratch on Ji Mo’s arm. She immediately reached out and held his arm.

“Fast, Director Ji is hurt!”

Several people also gathered round and seeing the deep scratch on his arm, everyone sighed with concern.

On the other side, when Pei Ruoxi saw his wounded arm, she rushed over and pushed Ning Xiaofei’s arm away. She grabbed Ji Mo’s arm and took out a handkerchief from her pocket and pressed on the wound.

“What are you waiting for? Get the car ready!”

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