TOCH – Chapter 322

Chapter 322: Make a move on him

She never did laugh much, but her hearty giggle sounded so wicked.

For once, after she had been tossed usually by him like a puppet, it was finally her turn to him back.

“Is it fun?” Luo Yibei’s eyes swished at her face.

“Hurry up!” The temperature in the back mountain was originally low. At night, even in summer, the air was a bit cold.

With him bare naked, Fang Chixia wasn’t feeling safe so holding his head, she put some strength on her hand and continued drying his hair.

It was much gentler and slower than earlier.

Luo Yibei noticed her movement and his eyes fell on her face.

As a matter of fact, Fang Chixia wasn’t annoying so long as she wasn’t stubborn, not fighting with him, most especially not so indifferent.

Tiny nose, small mouth, a palm-sized face, little hands, she was so delicate and pocket-sized, her whole person was suddenly reduced to a miniature version of a doll.

Such a girl should be in the palm of a man’s hand.

If she had married him for a simpler purpose, Luo Yibei thought he wouldn’t be so disgusted with her.

Engrossed at watching her face, Luo Yibei was lost in thought for a moment.

Fang Chixia also wiped his hair seriously. After drying another wisp of her, she combed her five fingers into his hair and feeling the dryness, she stopped altogether.

“Alright!” She dropped her hand and surreptitiously attempted to escaped from the bathtowel only to be held back by a slender arm that snaked around her waist.

Fang Chixia froze.

“I will take you back.” Luo Yibei casually tied the towel around his waist, held her hand and walked in front to lead her to the villa.

The path behind the mountain was a bit bumpy, but the dim lights along the path made every step visibly clear.

Fang Chixia followed him, all the way back from the hill to the main house, upstairs, into the bedroom of the two, her eyes fixated on him.

He’s been a lot more restrained recently. Basically, as long as she wasn’t agreeable, he hasn’t forced her.

And tonight was still the same. He just went back to his room to wash up, went to bed and did nothing else.

It was Fang Chixia, who after falling into slumber, somehow she stuck bodily behind him and even circled an arm around him.

Her sleeping posture has never been honest, mainly due to being used to it.

After marrying him, her defensiveness rendered her a bit more disciplined.

Nonetheless, recently, whenever the two slept together, she would often get close to him and now, even naturally hug him to sleep.

Being a light sleeper, her every move would wake Luo Yibei up.

His sight moved slowly down her face, glanced at her arm and was at a lost for words.

Luo Yibei of course hasn’t expected her to make a move on him. He has restrained himself and here she was sending herself to him. The corners of his eyes jumped.

He feasted on her face of a long while and didn’t know what to say.

Fang Chixia herself was a light sleeper. His eyes were probably too sharp plus it was in the middle of the night, her eyes suddenly slammed open.

4 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 322”

  1. Not realizing what she did in her sleep, she may have opened the door to let the wolf out of his cage

    Thank you for this update


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