Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Just kidding.

This continent worships the spiritually strong.

The weak are prey to the strong and the victor is the king.

It was precisely because of this that a lot of people stayed in the seventh class for a long time, because they have not been promoted to a new class. Even if they have been geniuses in their family, they have been flattened here time and time again. Their fighting spirits weren’t as optimistic as they once were.

The environment shapes one’s character.

The growing number of new recruits in Class 7 ended up in the mire for a long time…

Feng Chuge had just walked into Class 7 and was welcomed by such a scene.

In the large room, more than a dozen people were scattered around idly.

The men were gathered into twos or threes discussing whatever while the rest of the women were napping by the side.

The whole place smell of malaise.

Zilan was stunned at such depression.

This…. Was this supposed to the mindset of Yuntian College students?

If she were a stranger, she might have thought that they are patients who were just discharged!

Feng Chuge squinted and examined everyone in the room.

Now, she sort of came into an understanding of what people always say “grievances.”

Inside the room, someone more attentive saw Feng Chuge and suddenly whooped.

“Our Little Shimei is here!”

In an instant, the men who were still chatting together looked in her direction one by one.

Class 7 was he most discriminated class of all the classes.

Over the years, no one dared to gather in public.

They were once the pride of their families, but now they’re mixed up to the point where it was even a shame to mention it.

Watching the other classes would always drive themselves into feeling inferior.

As a result, nobody in Class 7 went to the arena to watch the test. It only took a day however for the news of four lovely women recruits to spread throughout the entire college.

All the men looked out, and when they saw the four figures standing outside, their eyes gleamed.

They’re really comely….

All these four shimeis have outstanding presence.

Especially Feng Chuge….

Feng Chuge was wearing a long aqua dress.

Her sleek hair were scattered neatly and was bundled with a simple tie. She wasn’t even dressed up.

In her arms was a snow white kitten.

She was the image of an immortal that suddenly graced them with her presence, they were spellbound.

Somehow the men got back to their senses when someone finally coughed down.

“Little Shimeis, come on in quickly….Oh, this is truly wonderful. We’ve got four more girls in class.” A young man in a blue robes stepped up to usher them in.

He was thin with small eyes, which was all but gone as his smile rose higher and higher.

His eyes were glued entirely on Feng Chuge.

He suddenly stretched his hand and flew directly at Feng Chuge…..

Feng Chuge stepped back.

Her eyes narrowed dangerously.

She raised a hand and caught his arm. “What do you want to do?”

The question was cold without a trace of warmth.

She has never shown mercy towards her enemies.

If the other party respects her, she of course wouldn’t look for trouble….

Feng Chuge looked petite, but it made the man scream out.

“Little Shimei, I’m just kidding….Don’t take it seriously….”

Feng Chuge’s eyes shimmered slightly and let his hand loose.

The man stumbled and nearly fell to the floor.

Someone laughed in the room.

“Su Ande, haven’t you heard of it before? Our little Shimei is already a senior spiritual master….” In one corner, a loud and clear feminine voice reverberated…

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