TOCH – Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Wild and sensual.

“For you.”She came to him with a bath towel and handed him what she had.

Luo Yibei glanced briefly at the towel and returned his gaze at her face instead of receiving it right away.

She must have bathed quickly when she returned to the room. Presumably still thinking about him waiting for her, her hair was not blown dry, her shoulders were slightly wet and beads of water slid down her delicate face and into the thin fabric of her clothes.

A good looking brow arched.

“No need?” Seeing his inaction, Fang Chixia retracted her hand instead of being stared at. Before she could retreat a step, Luo Yibei detained her wrist.

Then in front of her, lifted his long legs and came straight to shore.

Fang Chixia was suddenly dazzled at the golden tan before her and reflexively stepped back. Luo Yibei drew the bathtowel in her hand and before Fang Chixia could snap back to her senses, a dark shadow covered passed by her head and then the whole towel was wrapped around both of them.

Even she was enclosed!

His series of movements were done smoothly while she remained dazed with that piece of skin still lingering in her mind.

Luo Yibei’s bath towels were generally large. Fang Chixia was petite so even when wrapped together with him, it was still spacious enough.

It even dragged out a part.

Fang Chixia remained immovable but otherwise flustered. Finally, she averted her gaze and setted down her nerves.

“Are we going back?” Her eyes darted on the lake and asked casually.

“No rush.” Luo Yibei stood perfectly harmless. He even lifted the edges of the bath towel to squeeze out the drops of water from her long hair.

Fang Chixia was once again disconcerted. Her eyes widened at him.

“I’ll do it myself.” She brushed his hand away in vain.

“Be quiet.”He glanced at her hand and uneventfully continued to wipe her hair.

He patiently wiped her hair bit by bit. Only when his hand felt her hair half dry did he stop.

Fang Chixia fidgeted with his war breath down her head. When everything was over, she released a sigh of relief.

Luo Yibei took in her discomfort and smiled imperceptibly playful. He reliquished one end of the towel in her hand and advised, “Husband and wife should help each other. It’s your turn to help me now!”

Fang Chixia was speechless, but still didn’t refuse.

With the end of the towel in her hands, she rubbed him dry forcefully.

She just wanted to get him out of the way and go back so she did so quickly, unlike his snail pace.

Luo Yibei’s head was at her mercy. She rubbed it into a muss without realizing it. Only when she was done did she look at her work and was dumbfounded, but the corners of her eyes crinkled a bit.

His appeal diminished none at all. On the contrary, his messy hair brought out his wild and sensual nature more vividly.

The few strands of hair that fell casually on his forehead were in fact charming.

However, this tousled look, which was a far cry from his usually tidy and neat self, made Fang Chixia burst out in laughter.

3 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 321”

  1. To see Yibei looking like this was so far from his usual I guess she wondered how others might think of this look


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