EP – Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Proud and dignified

“Call Xiao Ning.”

Seeing Ning Xiaofei coming out of Ji Mo’s office, Zhang Yue immediately waved to her and handed her the phone.

The call was from a staff from Imperial Tower notifynig her that the contract with Xichen had already gone through and that she had go pick it up.

“All right, I will drop by in a minute.”

After hanging up the phone, Ning Xiaofei immediately packed up and grabbing her mobile phone on the table, she carried her bag to the front desk.

“Sister Song, I’m heading Imperial Tower. If someone looks for me, let them call my phone number.”

“Xiao Fei!” Sister Song immediately ran out from behind the reception desk and grabbed her hand, “When you see Xicheng in a while, you must take good time to comfort him. Tell him that his fans have discussed it and we’ll wait for his album release. We will only buy the real edition to support him!”

“I’m only going to get the contract, not to see him.”

Sister Song’s face collapsed, “Oh, he must be angry now.”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t know?” Xiao Song was outraged. “I don’t know who leaked his new song. Now, everyone’s going crazy online and his record sales will surely be affected,” Song said with indignation.

“Is that so?” Ning Xiaofei’s face wrinkled. “How did that happen?”

“Who knows who did it. He’s so despicable! I wish he gets run over when he goes out!”


Sister Song’s curse just fell when a heavy sneeze sounded outside the door.

Both turned simultaneously and saw Pei Ruoxi rubbing her nose as she strode in. When she saw Ning Xiaofei, she immediately dropped her hand and marched on her way with her chin high, proud and dignified.

Sister Song rolled her eyes behind her back, but then the phone on the reception desk rang. She went back and received the call, while Ning Xiaofei stepped out of the door.

She took the elevator down and flagged down a taxi. When she sat on one, she mulled over what Sister Song said. She tapped on her phone in wonder and keyed a search for “Xicheng’s new song.” Countless related news were pulled out right away.

After browsing and digging into some articles. Ning Xiaofei realized the seriousness of the matter.

When she got off the taxi outside Imperial Tower, a crowd of reporters outside with their guns and cannons were staring unblingkingly at the exit of the building.

When a staff member happened to come out, the reporters swarmed around him.

“Excuse me, how is Imperial Tower going to deal with the leak of Xicheng’s new song?

“Right, was it an accident?”


“I’m sorry, I’m a relevant person on this matter. No comment.”

Ning Xiaofei bypassed the reporters into the building. She headed straight to the elevator to the contract department. She couldn’t shake the sudden ominous feeling. With that in mind, she dialed Xu Yang’s number, however, his line was busy.


The elevator stopped on the 16th floor. Ning Xiaofei still stood aside when her eyes swept outside and caught sight of someone. She hurriedly blocked the closing of the doors and rushed out.

“Assistant Xu!”

In the hallway, Xu Yang turned and when he saw her, he immediately met her halfway.

“Miss Ning, how come you’re here?”

“I just dropped by to get the contract and heard about the leak of the new song.” Ning Xiaofei frowned. She asked with a bit of concern, “This thing, is it related to me?”

Xu Yang just opened his mouth in response when the door in the next room opened. Xicheng stepped out and seeing Ning Xiaofei, he narrowed his eyes and approached them.

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