EP – Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Who can give me an account?

“It’s not clear what’s going on. It’s just known that someone posted your new song online last night. Weibo, forums, and all major websites are boiling over it.”

Xu Yang’s voice has turned dreadfully heavy.

His new record has already set for release and all distribution channels were waiting. This leak at this point in time meant a huge loss of sales on his new album.

This was the greatest mishap that has befallen Xicheng so far since his debut.

The driver was also in the know of the importance of this matter so he stepped on the accelerator. In the back seat, Xicheng tapped on his phone searching for only two words, “Lonely City.”

Sure enough, countless websites were pulled out at once.

“A great sneak peek on Xicheng’s new song!”

“Lonely City is flooding the internet. Was this an accident or a hype?”

Xichen scrolled down and clicked on a random page. He clicked and quickly clicked on the audio to play it.

The music played and it was indeed his new song. But this was the pre-produced version which has not yet been remixed.

“These bastards!”

The car stopped at the Imperial Tower. Gnashing his teeth, Xicheng turned off his mobile phone and strode to the elevator. Xu Yang scurried after him and chasing all the way to the studio dedicated to Xicheng.

In the studio, all relevant personnel were already present, together with the person in charge who was simmering with anger.

“How did such a serious thing happen, didn’t you know that the company will suffer huge losses big time?!”

The door was pushed open and Xicheng marched in.

The person in charge could feel the hardening of his scalp at the sight of him.

“Mr. Xicheng?”

The man’s eyes swept through the crowd with anger.

“Who can give an account?”

Everyone bowed their heads and stayed silent.

They were the only ones exposed to the record files. Naturally, they were all suspects to the leak, even if they were all innocent to this whole matter.

“Are you all dumb?” Xicheng roared.

“Mr. Xicheng.” The person in charge lost his smile. “Please don’t be impulsive. We are also figuring out where it all went wrong. Have a sit first.”

He gave him a chair and faced the crowd once more.

“Now, let’s check it out from the source. Little Gang, you’re the audio engineer. The recording was your responsibility. Say your piece.”

“Assistant Xu personally saw me deleting it. I really… really deleted it.’

  “Well…That was helpful. Has the computer been repaired?” Xu Yang asked.

“No.” Little Gang answered bitterly, “You also know, this studio was dedicated to Mr. Xicheng. All equipment are the best. Since then, they have never been used.”

“How is that possible?” Xu Yang knitted his brows. “I remember very clearly. I saw you delete it that night, and then Mr. Xicheng took the U disk away…”

Having said that, he suddenly turned his face and looked at Xicheng.

Having said that, he suddenly turned his face and looked at Xicheng.

At the same time, Xicheng’s expression also darkened.

Imperial Tower has always been exemplary when it comes to work confidentiality. These people were all old employees of the studio so it would be impossible for them to overlook these rules.

After the sample was recorded, he file was stored in his U disk and later handed to the sound mixer. Besides them and Ning Xiaofei, no other outsiders have touched the sample.

Ning Xiaofei’s face popped in front of Xicheng’s mind.

His brows snapped together.


It shouldn’t be her.

The release of the sample wouldn’t only affect his sales but would do not good to Ning Xiaofei herself. Furthermore, he has already promised to appear on her show so there was no reason for her to go against him.

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