EP – Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Shot up by two octaves

By the time the two went downstairs, breakfast was already ready.

As Ning Xiaofei couldn’t pick even a spoon and fork, Mu Tianye took the task of feeding her some the little girl opened her mouth and was all smiles.

On the breakfast table, there settled a rare harmonious meal. The two people who consumed too much energy from the exercise last night were incredibly ravenous. Ms. Liu stood by and watched the two and couldn’t resist a smile.

After breakfast, as Mu Tianye offered, he personally sent her to work.

The TV station was on the other side of the road so Ning Xiaofei asked the driver to drop her off directly on the side of the road. She thought it would be a waste of if he were to drive her to the front gate. She waved off and jumped down from the car with her backpack.

“Husband, see you tonight!”

When the driver restarted the car, Mu Tianye followed her to the street crossing till she disappeared into the crowd before withdrawing his sight.




At the exit, young girls stood in groups of three, five and stretched their necks to look at the exit.

Some were holding flowers, others were holding banners, others were holding up signs or posters of Xicheng or cute characters like “Xicheng, fans will always support you”.

Today, Xicheng was returning back home after a campaign in Singapore. Although he has always kept a low profile, some found out his schedule and came to welcome him back.

Among the crowd were also a lot of reporters.

The airport staff were notified so they also arranged special security to maintain order.

At the moment, the information that the plane from has landed was broadcasted so everyone rushed immediately and surrounded the exit.

In a moment, Xicheng, who just deplaned came out of a special passage was escorted out by assistants and staff.

The man’s slender frame could have been lost in the crowd. But despite the cap covering his face and the black sportswear he was wearing, which was entirely low-key, he was instantly recognized.

“Xicheng is here!”

“Xicheng, I love you!”


In an instant, chaos reigned.

Reporters together rushed to take snaps of him.

Xichen fixed his sunglasses and frowned. With the help of the staff, he strode out of the airport, got into the car before castigating someone.

“This is what you say confidential?”

The smile on Xu Yang’s face slipped and he could only respond helplessly.

“You also know that it’s impossible for the company to disclose anything. I’m guessing it must be someone from the aviation office who gave the tip.

This man was a magnet to both males and females. His followers came far and wide and spread across a wide range of industries. His fans were just phenomenal. They could always find out his next stop so don’t blame Xu Yang. He has already exhausted all sorts of methods. Who made him fascinate millions of fans?

When the car drove out of the airport, Xicheng slouched back on the back of the chair.

He has been working non-stop in recent days and they had to get up early for their flight today. He was feeling quite tired.

“Take a bread!” Xu Yang suggested thoughtfully. “I’ll wake you up later.”

Xicheng zipped his clothes and closed his eyes.

All at once, Xu Yang’s phone rang. In fear of disturbing him, Xu Yang answered immediately and even whispered in greeting.


After only listening to a few words, his voice suddenly shot up by two octaves.

“What?!… How could that be possible?!”

Xicheng, who was asleep, frowned unhappily. Xu Yang hurriedly ended the call and immediately ordered the driver to “go to the company.”

“What’s the matter?” Xicheng opened his eyes in doubt.

Xu Yang frowned and answered gravely. “Your new song got leaked.”

“What?” The man slouching on the chair immediately straightened up, “What’s going on?”

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  1. It is kind of her fault because she did not take proper care. Things like this would get you fired at work along with the guy who actually leaked the data


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