TOCH – Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Would you believe me

Since they arrived, Fang Chixia has been staring at him for some time while chatting with Tong Yan.

After a few moments chatting, she went out to buy them drinks.

This upscale club was located in a vast land. The entertainment facilities not only included golf but also many others.

So as to ensure exclusivity for each kind of entertainment, the venues were far between.

Being a newbie to the club, Fang Chixia was unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the club. Furthermore, she was led in by Luo Yibei and she didn’t pay much attention.

Wandering around for a long while, she arrived at another facility so she went in to ask for directions. At the end of a corridor, a shadow suddenly was cast over her then she was pushed towards the wall followed by a man’s body pressing on her.

“Let go of me!”Fang Chixia, reflexively struggled and targeted the man’s most vulnerable but when she looked up and saw the man’s face, she froze.

Fei Si Nuo!

Fei Si Nuo closed in and restrained both her arms with one hand. His eyes were narrowed down on her face, not as calm as he had always been, but rippling as if disturbed by the passing of the wind.

Fang Chixia was caught off guard and her eyes slowly shrank.

“Why are you here?” Her hunch was telling her he came for her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be dragged into a corner the moment he bumped into her.

In addition to the man who kidnapped her from the cruise ship, Fang Chixia didn’t know how to face him.

“Fei Si Nuo, let me go!” Her defensiveness was apparent from her hands propped in between them.

The change on her expressions didn’t escape his eyes, too. Fei Si Nuo pressed her hands on his chest and pushed her back on the wall.

“What do you want?” Unlike any other girl, although Fang Chixia was apprehensive, her head sharpened and even when her heart was jumping nervously, her expression remained calm.

Moreover, knowing that she was no match with the man, acting impulsively was of not much help.

“Are you afraid of me?” Fei Si Nuo’s brows snapped together.

“No, I’m just not used to being restrained to talk to people.” Fang Chixia’s gaze landed on her wrist which he has subdued and replied placidly.

The corners of Fei Si Nuo’s eyes twitched before he raised a brow.

This was what she was blaming him of?

How many times have she used this excuse?

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time since you disappeared.” Fei Si Nuo spread his hands and stroked her hands gently instead.

Fang Chixia apparently didn’t expect him to do so that for a moment, she didn’t know how to dodge his hands.

“I didn’t’ know what had happened to you so I was worried.” Fei Si Nuo’s lips thinned as if in frustration.

“I’m sorry, everything happened too quickly and forgot to inform you.” Fang Chixia maintained her composure but her hands fought for release.

Fei Si Nuo figured out what probably happened. Skipping over this issue, his eyes surveyed her face leisurely before getting to the point, “Today’s business, if I say it wasn’t on my order, would you believe me?”

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