TOCH – Chapter 315

Chapter 315: Her obedience

Fang Chixia’s dismayed but it was already nearly lunch time and both of them haven’t had any food yet.

She was feeling hungry so she thought he wouldn’t do too much.

So with that in mind, she complied bedrudgingly.

He let him carry her inside with her hands around his neck.

After taking her in, Luo Yibei simply washed the off the saltwater and took her out.

As it turned out, she was right.

Unbeknownst to her, it was mainly due to the rumbling from her stomach, which she must have not heard.

At noon, after all the trials and tribulations she’d gone through, he knew she had no energy left to accompany him with his interests.

Wrapping her with a bath towel, he carried her out as if she were a child, dried the water beads out of her hair. He then dried himself off and the two went out for their unfinished lunches.

Starving at this time around, Fang Chixia ate with much gusto after taking her seat.

Thinking back on his timely arrival, she wondered while chewing, “Did you hear me call you earlier?”

“No.” Luo Yibei replied offhandedly while slicing a piece of food on his plate.

Fang Chixia was nonplussed, “Then how come you came out?”

Luo Yibei lifted his faced and drawled, “Aren’t I amazing.”

Fang Chixia almost choked on her food, but she couldn’t deny it.

To describe him as such wasn’t an exaggeration at all.

He has always given her that same feeling a lot of times.

No matter where she was and in what danger she was troubled with, he would happen to be there everytime.

Luo Yibei bowed down and continued his lunch while pondering on purpose of the man disguised as a waite who took Fang Chixia away.

They were in Nice. Fang Chixia was just an ordinary college student. Who would be entangled with her?

Luo Yibei mulled over it for a moment before a name suddenly crossed his mind….

Nice Hotel.

“Who made you do this?”

“Your Highness, I was wrong! We’ve been dispatched to look for the lady, but there has been no news. I was surprised when I bumped into her today, but I didn’t know how to get her out, so I came up with this plan. I just didn’t expect to fail bringing her back…”

“There’s more than enough going on compared to your success or failure, and you’re still embarrassed?”

In the corner of a corridor, there were shadows of two figures, one with a tall solid back, whose shadow was cast in a piece of cold aura and the other kneeling on the ground who was shaking non-stop.

The man standing seemed furious as his voice was freezing cold.

A gun on his hand was raised, followed by a “bang” and after that, silence was restored…..


Fang Chixia accompanied Luo Yibei to finish the meal on the cruise ship, and then called Tong Yan.

She didn’t know if Tong Yan would be staying in Nice for a few days and wanted to get together with her while she was there.

The two chatted briefly on the phone and ended up booking a club.

Luo Yibei also accompanied her and when they met, he went off to play golf together Qing Muchen.

His mastery of the sport was particularly beguiling. The average person may have to aim for a few times before hitting the ball. On the other hand, he only need to raise his hand and he could aced every single hole.

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