TOCH – Chapter 313

Chapter 313: When are you going to stop looking at me

Fang Chixia raised her knee in reflex to kick the man’s crotch but the man easily dodged it.

“Luo Yibei!” Forcefully wretched the man’s away and screamed at the top of her lungs.

However, after his name was called out, her mouth was once again covered by the man….

The cruise ship was already quiet so a little disturbance would be amplified.

Their seat was somewhat far from their location. At the moment, Luo Yibei was staring at the screen of his phone, silently counting on the seconds when she would be back.

Fang Chixia’s cry, whether it was the sound or intuition, Luo Yibei was alerted and lifted his face up.

Looking sideways in the direction where she left, he moved with long strides.

He bounded along the hall leading to the bathroom, but didn’t find anyone. He looked down then walked up the deck.

When he arrived there, he just saw the speedboat where Fang Chixia was stuffed in.

The white speedboat zipped before his eyes like a gust of wind at a breakneck speed, stirring up layers of waves and in only a few seconds was out in the distance.

Luo Yibei stood tall on the deck , watching coldly at the disappearing figures. He made no move to give chase but slowly pulled out a gun from his coat.

The speedboat sailed some distance and it was already a blur in his field of vision.

In flash, Luo Yibei raised the gun in his hand, aimed the muzzle and pulled the trigger, —

With a ‘bang’, the bullet pierced through the air and accurately hit the white speedboat.

The loud bang reverberated around the sea and a huge wall of waves magnificently grew, the image of a blooming flower.

The speedboat was submerged in the waves and was overturned by the layers of waves that followed behind.

Watching this scene in the distance and then furtively at a hovercraft passing through his side, he gestured at a bodyguard guarding the deck.

The man moved in tacit understanding and handed him a crossbow.

The delicate structures of it was designed identical to a typical crossbow. It can be controlled automatically and fired without the need for arrows.

Luo Yibei took aim and shot. A tiny silver needle flew out followed by the man tumbling into the water.

The open hovercraft which was driven by the current approached and was about to rub shoulders with the cruise ship, Luo Yibei hopped into it a and steered the hovercraft straight into the sinking speedboat.

Caught suddenly in such an accident, Fang Chixia who had been plagued by her trauma would have panicked.

Fortunately, Luo Yibei has helped her adapt into the water just this morning!

This time around, though submerged in the water, Fang Chixia was particularly clear headed.

Her reactions were also swift. When the waves gushed, she quickly swam to the side avoiding the risk of being swept by the waves.

All of Luo Yibei’s countermeasures were majestically carried out, neat and clear-cut.

He took less than a minute from leaping into the boat to reach where Fang Chixia was floating.

Fang Chixia was still breathing heavily from the exertion when he suddenly appeared beside her, which led her to stare at him unblingkingly for a while.

Until an amused Luo Yibei couldn’t help quipping, “When are you going to stop looking at me?”

Fang Chixia blushed as she snapped back to her senses.




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