Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Do you want to have a taste of this medicine?

“It was really a good show~~” Feng Chuge chuckled.

It was obviously an offhanded praise, but it chilled Murong Qing to the bone that she couldn’t stop shivering.

She froze and didn’t eve dare look up at Feng Chuge, afraid of her two sharp eyes.

“Miss Feng… You… What did you say?’

Feng Chuge looked at Murong Qing coldly.

Perhaps she has planned on sparing her before, but now that she has come back to harm her again, if she were to do nothing, then she really was the fool!!

She closed in slowly, “I didn’t know you liked to play with poison.”

She was a head taller than Murong Qing and with her back straight, she appeared much taller.

Her stance was that of queen.

Her powerful momentum scared Murong Qing out of her wits.

“I’m…. I’m not….”

“No?” Feng Chuge blinked charmingly bleak. She again stepped forward while speaking, “Murong Qing, how about I tell you a story?”

Murong Qing didn’t know where to put her hands and feet, but with Feng Chuge’s next line, she looked up, “Once in Tianqi, there was a lady who boldly attempted to poison me, guess what happened to her?”

For the first time, Murong Qing couldn’t escape the icy gaze from Feng Chuge.

She shuddered and staggered backwards in horror.

In the blink of an eye, a swirling force gathered around Feng Chuge and sucked her in.

Feng Chuge raised a hand and directly took hold of Murong Qing’s collar.

“Since she liked poisoning so much, I gave it all back to her….Now…What about you?”

Murong Qing has already been paralyzed with fear.

She struggled to escape from Feng Chuge’s hold but she was never her match at all.

“You…What are you talking about? When did I poison you?”

“Didn’t you?” Feng Chuge’s lips were hung up in a sneer. “The drug scattered last night. The seven days gut wrenching poison, wasn’t it yours?”

“You’re talking nonsense… I didn’t!” Murong Qing denied furiously.

“No…” Feng Chuge’s eyes glimmered lightly. She continued to speak but her tone has gone straight down, “Doing something wrong but not acknowledging it. Summing it up means more penalty!”

With that, she brought a bottle out of her sleeves.

The white bottle reflected a cold beam under the setting sun.

The arc on her Feng Chuge’s lips deepened.

“Guess what this is?” The cold white bottle swayed in front of Murong Qing’s face when Feng Chuge asked her strangely.

Her smile at first glance was pure evil.

The cold breeze blew and Murong Qing couldn’t stop shivering once more.

Not waiting for her to answer, Feng Chuge continued, “Last night, I collected all particles from your drug and refined it again… Murong Qing, do you want to have a taste of this medicine?”

“I’m…. I…” Murong Qing struggled to retreat but her collar was held tightly in Feng Chuge’s hand. She exhausted all her strength but she couldn’t break free.

“Oh…you want to go back…” Feng Chuge watched Murong Qing’s desperate struggle for freedom and raised a brow.

She swung her hand.

“Pop -” Caught unprepared, Murong Qing flew and landed on the ground with her whole body.


It hurt….

In order to break away from Feng Chuge, she retreated with full force.

How could she have thought that Feng Chuge would suddenly release her. So then, she went up then straight down along with her own force. The fall wasn’t really light.

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