Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Too much love can kill you

Di Jue Chen gathered his robes and proceeded inside, “Poisoned–“

“Didn’t you revert back last night?”

Di Jue Chen sat down on the chair and poured himself a cup of tea.

With his little hands, he lifted the teacup and downed the drink in one go.

Everything was done neatly!

Though he resembles a child, his bearing was that of the upper realm.

It was not until he had swallowed the tea before he turned to Bei Xuan with remnants of purple glows in his eyes, “It was just for last night. It’s going to take two months to completely detoxify my body.”

Bei Xuan nodded. He really didn’t know much about this regression poison. “Then master, when are we going back to Tiandifu?”

“When did I say I was going back?”

“Didn’t Miss Feng entrust the Feng Residence to us?”

His little hands lowered the tea cup, “Let’s just stay here and watch over her. The Feng Residence was built over there. Are you still worried it would suddenly grow long legs and run away?”

Bei Xuan has long expected his master’s stand.

He stole a long look at the child in front of him and heaved a sigh-

Sure enough….. Too much love can kill you!!

“Master, what are your plans?”

Di Jue Chen gave him a secretive smile –

“You will know later…”

He cleared his throat and recalled Feng Chuge’s reaction when he called it “Stupid cat.”

He really couldn’t wait for Feng Chuge’s reaction when he could finally unveil his true identity!!

But thinking of that stupid cat once more, Di Jue Chen’s face changed abruptly —

Damn it….

That stupid cat dared to occupy his future wife!!

In the meanwhile, that stupid cat basking in Feng Chuge’s arms.

He held out his paws and yawned.

How beautiful life is ~~~

How bright the sun is ~~~

He closed his eyes ready to take another nap but then suddenly felt a cold breeze blowing. His whole body shook….

He stood up, looked around, but saw nobody. Only Murong Qing and He Lian Jin Yu were facing them side by side, both were eyeing his master with murder.

Taking their ugly faces into his eyes, Meatball stretched a paw and brushed his fur.

He looked back at He Lian Qin Yu and Murong Qing with pity.

These two….must be turning their brains out on how to murder his master.


Were they capable of carrying it out?


He Lian Jin Yu eventually decided to stay together with the others and leave the next morning.

After all, it was late in the day already. If they were to go back, they’ll be caught in the dark.

The moment the four entered their room, Zilan unleashed her excitement.

“That was awesome. Miss, did you see the look on He Lian Jin Yu’s face? Oh, it was so liberating! That so almighty pompous prince has ended up badly. I’m guessing when he gets back, he’ll be the joke of Tianqi!”

Bearing in mind the day the third prince called off his engagement to their lady in front of the Empress and Emperor, Zilan’s resentment finally was finally placated.

Feng Chuge only cocked a brow, “It was his misfortune to have bumped heads with us.”

“Whatever, it’s all he deserved!” Zilan paused before finally blurting what was plaguing her, “Miss… Uhmm, didn’t you say you knew nothing of the man ranked first in the list, how come that doesn’t seems the case?”

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  1. hmm.. they’re talking about DJC like this as if they havent seen him bfore.. didnt FCG already dragged him for her maids to see bfore? another plot hole?


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