Chapter 110

Chapter 110: What a loser!

If he had known Feng Chuge’s true ability, he would have never overturned their marriage and uttered those derogatory words!

He Lian Jin Yu’s face turned for the worse.

His remorse was truly turning his inwards green…..

His line of sight suddenly brushed at Feng Yuanhang standing not far away and he froze.

No matter what her relationship with Di Jue Chen, he thought of it and came to an understanding, “Feng Chuge, wasn’t it only luck that you were able to get into Yuntian College? Who knew whether Feng Yuanhang has paved the way for you? Both of you must have colluded. I don’t believe how powerful you are….”

“Ah!!” Before he could finish his tirade, an overpowering force landed on his arm and then his whole person was lifted high and landed in the distance distance.

“Bang!!’ Heavy objects landed on the ground followed by He Lian Jin Yu who by chance landed on a dog poop.

The rest of the onlookers have not completely dispersed.

This additional show below amused them to no end.

“Is this really the fifth ranked man on the list, He Lian Jin Yu? What a loser! He doesn’t come to an inch to Di Jue Chen and to our brother Yun…”

“Right? Fortunately, he failed entering Yuntian College…”

“This man is really too arrogant. Our Shimei (Junior apprentice or female student) Chuge has already been tested a senior spiritual master but he still dares to provoke!”

Blood drained from He Lian Jin Yu’s face after getting an earful of their disdain……

Feng Chuge smartly clapped her hand.

After that, she crossed her hands across her chest and stood beaming at him, “How was it? He Lian Jin Yu, do you want to have a try again? Do you think you are better than me? Do you want me to show you again?”

He Lian Jin Yu struggled up from the ground, his whole body couldn’t stop trembling……

The noblest third prince of the Tianqi, when has he ever suffered such humiliation?

Since his encounter with Feng Chuge, nothing good has ever happened.

He locked all resentment and humiliation in his heart.

Feng Chuge’s bright smile deeply stung He Lian Jin Yu’s eyes.

He so wanted to attack, but being beneath her strength, he could only put up with it.

He stared fixedly at her with a pair of murderous eyes, killing her over and over again!


In another place, after rushing out of the field, Di Jue Chen landed on a path at the corner of Yuntian College.

The breeze blew up and about scattering floral scent everywhere.

Although it was only a corner of Yuntian College, the scenery was particularly elegant.

There were rockeries, willow trees beside them, lotus flowers in the water where a stream of water was flowing.

Ten miles where a gentle wind blows gently across the water and space and a lake forming a bright streamer.

In such an elegant scenery, only important guests could live there.

And Di Jue Chen was the most precious guest of all!

Di Jue Chen in his purple robes leaped through the air and approached a courtyard where his speed slowed down swiftly.

He only felt his spiritual power gradually being consumed mid-air.

Di Jue Chen that this was an indication of the resurgence of his regression….

The antidote to dispel the poison takes three months in a row to work.

Last night, it just so happened that it was the night of the full moon. Di Jue Chen has taken in a pill and the surge of spiritual power lasted longer.

The long purple robe hung on his body and by the time he entered a room, he has returned back to his child-like self.

Bei Xuan who has been guarding the place saw his figure and immediately approached.

Bei Xuan wasn’t that too clear of the effect of the regression. But looking at his master, he was somewhat dismayed, “Master…Uhmm…”

His normal self was clearly restored last night, but he has shrank back again.

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