Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Laughing audaciously ~~

Everyone’s eyes turned to Murong Qing and saw her white as sheet.

That delicate and incomparable appeal was really hard to resist.

“It’s a bit late already. Elder, can we rest for another night here before setting off on the road tomorrow?” The man inquired looking at Elder Yang.

Murong Qing did look weak and vulnerable.

The Elder’s brows wrinkled as he gave her a once over before he gave his consent, “Alright. Stay for the night and set off tomorrow morning. It’s a bit late to start your journey back.”

“Thank you, Elder ~~” The few people were overjoyed at his announcement, expecially Murong Qing whose eyes were glowing with a different kind of glint.

Elder Yang did not say much, just directed his eyes at the four in front of him. “You will stay in the same place where you rested last night. And tomorrow, you will officially enter Yuntian College. From then on, you are a member of our Yuntian College.!”

The ladies exchanged glances and couldn’t hide their expectations.

They’re really looking forward into mixing inside Yuntian College…..

Noticing the undisguised expectations of the ladies, Elder Yang nodded and smiled.

In an instant, his thoughts turned to Di Jue Chen, “My lord, when do you intend to start teaching?”

Di Jue Chen lay languidly on the chair, his inky eyes flashing indifferently against his white jaded countenance, making him appear increasingly demonic.

He slowly stood up, “In two months.”

Elder Yang nodded.

Di Jue Chen turned around then retraced his steps, “Elder Yang, keep my business secret for the time being.”

A lopsided grin formed on his lips the moment his command fell.

Admiring Feng Chuge who was embraced by her maids below them, a trace of wickedness settled between his brows.

Leaping through the air, he landed in front of Feng Chuge….

“Woman, we meet again….”

That wholesome indifference was a bolt from the blue among the people around her.

What’s going on?

The world’s first beautiful man, actually met with Feng Chuge? ?


How was that even possible?

This lord was a deity in Tiandifu.

This lady was an ordinary nobody in Tianqi.

These two, one was high up in the clouds, the other lay low on the ground….

Feng Chuge ignored the crowd’s surprise and responded lightly instead.

“Right, what a coincidence.”

A streak of purple light flickered across Di Jue Chen’s eyes.

“I’m really sad. I thought you’d be excited to see me again.”

“…” Feng Chuge bit her lip.

They really weren’t familiar….

Di Jue Chen said nothing more and just feasted his eyes on her. After a moment, his commanding tone turned serious, “Take good care of yourself here, and…”

Di Jue Chen’s eyes fell sternly at Meatball who was lying comfortably in Feng Chuge’s hands,”Don’t let this stupid cat eat your tofu.”

Meatball has always been screaming
for Feng Chuge’s attention.

It was laughing ~~

It was laughing audaciously ~~

Right now, he was the envy of the crowd as he was the only one lying on Feng Chuge’s arms.

Haha… He boastfully looked at each of those jealous eyes, but his owner, oh ~~~

Meatball angled for a more comfortable posture and relaxed contentedly.

All at once, he felt a piercing glare directed at him.

Meatball’s hair stood up on ends in an instant….

Following his instinct, he was met with a pair of purple eyes….

“Meow, wu…” Meatball screamed and burrowed himself deep in Feng Chuge’s arms.

This man….

He’s too menacing….

However, Meatball paused, why was he sense a shadow of that little devil in this man?

TLN: And the battle for Feng Chuge’s affection continues, hue hue hue….

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