EP – Chapter 144

Chapter 144: God can’t save you.

TV station, “Dialogue with God” column office.

The whole office was covered with darkness. Ning Xiaofei’s seat however was glowing with dark blue light reflected from the computer screen.

It also highlighted Pei Ruoxi’s sneer, where her usual beautiful face was now as gloomy as a ghost’s.

After clicking on the button and publishing her edited content, her gloating couldn’t be even more palpable.

Just because of her loss in their wager, she had to apologize to Ning Xiaofei on the show. Later when she was interviewed by another reporter, she just said it was a joke in the station, suggesting that it was a hype.

However, on the media side, they were divided. She didn’t know who exposed her long-standing love for branded items. It incited many a reporter to cast doubts on her. All kinds of random suspicious made her lose face.

Not only did Pei Ruoxi hate Ning Xiaofei, she also hated Xicheng.

For a man who has never faked color, he even succumbed to Ning Xiaofei’s invitation, a nobody, which humiliated her so much.

After copying the file from Ning Xiaofei’s computer, she carefully confirmed that it was Xicheng’s new song.

A few days ago, when Xicheng was on her show, the song was made know to fans. Pei Ruoxi knew all too well how important this song was to Xicheng and his company.

Now, the new song has not been officially released. If this song was secretly leaked out, it would cause great losses to Xicheng and his company.

And that’s the result she wanted!


After this incident, they would certainly trace the source. She specially rushed to the TV station to publish it. Even if they were to track it back, they’ll only find the TV station’s IP address. Everyone would think it was NIng Xiaofei.

“Ning Xioafei, this time, even God can’t save you!”

With a cold smile, Pei Ruoxi stood up from Ning Xiaofei’s chair and shut down the computer. She quickly collected her things and put on a mask and a hat before walking out of the office. She headed towards the emergency exit of the station. People often work overtime and she’d likely meet someone at the elevator.


The elevator doors separated and out came Ji Mo and Zhang Yue. They noticed the hurried footsteps on teh corridor and turned to the source in question.

Ji Mo noticed a familiar figure walking hurriedly to the emergency exit. She pulled the door and disappeared into the exit.

“Pei Ruoxi?”

Zhang Yue followed him out of the elevator. He too turned towards the exit then to Ji Mo who stopped by the entrance of the elevator.

“Director, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, let’s get everything in!”

Ji Mo

Ji Mo retracted his view and helped Zhang Yue lift the box of props they had with them.

With the initial broadcast fast approaching, Ji Mo made a call today to check with the studio engineers. Zhang Yue and some others were called back to double check all equipment and machines to be used. They have been busy till now and the others have already lef the studio right after. Zhang Yue was the only one left to help him carry these important equipment to prevent loss.

Ji Mo raised his wrist. The time on his watch shows 10 p.m.

It was so late. What has she been up to at the station?

“Is anybody in the team working late tonight?”

“Should there be one?” Zhang Yue tapped his work card to open the office door, “Who’s as dedicated as you!”

“Aren’t you working overtime too?”

  Zhang Yue lifted the box. “I am far worse than you and Xiaofei.”

Ji Mo helped him to the storeroom and carried the box to the shelf together.

“I’ll pack up the rest. You go first. I still have a file to print.”

Zhang Yue bade him goodbye and left. Ji Mo sorted out the contents of the box and went to his office. Noticing that Pei Ruoxi’s office door was unlocked, he approached in.

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