EP – Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Got herself drunk

In the middle of his talk with the Mayor, Mu Tianye felt the weight on his shoulder, then a furry head slid down to his chest.

He caught her quickly then run a look at her ruddy face. His eyes swept a glance at the empty glasses on the table on could only shake his head in exasperation.

This cocktail was called “Blue Coral Reef.” It’s main ingredient was vodka. Due to the pineapple and citrus juice added to it, the taste was more sweet and sour with the absence of alcohol. It would be fine to have just to glasses.

She however has drank so much at once. It was nothing more like drinking a large bottle of vodka. How could she hold up to that amount of alcohol?

Since he wasn’t in hurry to to discuss more with the mayor, delaying the talk would generate more favorable conditions for him.

Ning Xiaofei’s drunkenness has just provided him with an excuse.

“Mr. Mayor, I’m really apologize. We can only postpone tonight!”

“It’s nothing.” The Mayor was in no doubt disappointed, but naturally, he could curb it. He politely sent the couple to the elevator.

Out from the elevator, Ning Xiaofei was shook awake by the cold wind blowing.

She blinked in confusion after taking a look around.

“Hey, where has everyone gone?”


“The people dancing!” She turned around but someone grabbed hold of her waist. “Husband, don’t shake me, I… I can’t hold on anymore.”

Mu Tianye retorted unkindly, “It’s you swaying, not my fault!”

She was so drunk but still thinking of dancing. Getting herself drunk was all on her head!

  Seeing the driver driving the car over, he raised his hand and tried to pull down the little girl hanging on his body. As soon as he touched her skin, she immediately felt the fine goose bumps on her arm.

The spring breeze was cold, and she was only wrapped in a thin summer dress. It naturally offered her no warmth.

With Zhuo Tao opening the door, he simply roped her up and stuffed her into the car, then sat next to her.

The car drove out of the parking lot and Ning Xiaofei followed the bend. She fell on his lap and feeling the warmth of the man, she scuttled over and reached out one arm to hold onto his thigh.

“I’m so sleepy…. Honey, let’s dance tomorrow….I can’t…I’m going to bed…”

That was followed by silence.

Mu Tianye frowned and looked down at Ning Xiaofei, who had taken to his thighs as pillow.

The glittering lights from the window, fell enchantingly on the girl’s face. Her long lashes  even cast a shadow on her cheeks.

Like an angel in a dream.

His hand which was supposed to pull her up moved over her shoulder to tuck wisps of hair that slipped messily on her cheeks. Feeling the girl’s delicate and hot skin on the tip of his fingers, he took off his coat and draped it over her. One hand held her just in case she fell. The other gently caressed her slightly pinkish lips.

The moments passed till the car pulled over into their Lanting Apartment.

Mu Tianye carried her all the way up. When he saw Liu Wei opening the door, he ordered.

“Let Zhou Tao send you home!”

Liu Wei nodded. He brought Ning Xiaofei upstairs, took her dress and high heels off, then covered her with the quilt, after which he took a run to the bathroom.

He brushed his teeth, stripped down and stood under the shower. After just washing his hair, the bathroom door suddenly slammed open.

Standing under the shower, he turned to see Ning Xiaofei with only her underwear on, swaying in.




[Mini Theater]

Live Audience
A: Mr. Mu, if you have a dispute with your wife, how is it generally resolved?

Mu Tianye: We’ll talk about it later.

Live audience B: You mean, let both sides calm down before talking about it? Is this method effective?

Mu Tianye: If it doesn’t work, then do it again.

Nign Xiaofei (ROARS): Director, I want to change guests!

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