EP – Chapter 141

Chapter 141: A rare touch of laughter

Stupid girl, has she become addicted to dancing?

Mu Tianye’s lips twitched as his voice rang with a rare touch of laughter, “Alright. Why don’t we wait till the band has taken a break?”

Ning Xiaofei looked around, and sure enough, everyone had quit the dance floor and the music has stopped.

She turned back and spat her tongue at him childishly.

“Then let’s a break. I’m so thirsty.”

Mu Tianye took her to the side of the dance floor while Zhou Tao rushed over and handed a clean coat to Mu Tianye.

“Chief Mu!” Mr. Mayor, who had been waiting for a long time, immediately approached them. “Those two rounds of performance were truly wonderful. Miss Ning shouldn’t be a professional, are you?”

Ning Xiaofei was sure he was just flattering her so she hurriedly waved her hands.

“I’m not. You’ve overrated.”

Mr. Mayor smiled. “Miss Ning is too modest. You must be tired after jumping along two songs. I have prepared a room upstairs. Would you like to have a rest?”

This time, Mu Tianye did not refuse.

  He too was well-versed on the project in the city. It’s very promising and he would never let go of the opportunity to make more money.

When they made their way upstairs together, the mayor’s assistant ushered them cordially into the lounge

On the table, there were already some snacks, fruits, and drinks. The moment they took their seats, the mayor raised a glass of wine.

“Here, a toast to the most beautiful girl at the ball tonight!”

With his knowing eyes, Mu Tianye’s affection for Ning Xiaofei was beyond doubt. He had been a bit worried about how to please him without losing his own identity, but with Ning Xiaofei as a medium, he was naturally free with his compliments.

“I’m sorry, if you praise me too much, I’d be embarrassed.”

Ning Xiaofei responded politely. Her eyes run along the table and she decided to pick the most attractive blue cocktail she saw.

Mu Tianye followed suit and picked a glass too.

The three clink glasses, then Ning Xiaofei brought the glass of wine before her nose then took a little sip first.

Sweet and cool with no taste of alcohol. As thirsty as she was after dancing two songs, she downed the glass in one go.

“Ning Xiaofei could really hold her drink!”

The mayor continued with his praise. He signaled his assistant who immediately replaced her glass.

“Thank you!”

Ning Xiaofei bowed and thanked him, before emptying the glass once more.

The cocktail glass was so big, but after finishing two glasses, her thirst wasn’t quenched just yet.

After his efforts, Mr. Mayor changed the topic of conversation back to the project.

“About the Phoenix Mountain Project, I’m sure Chief Mu must have heard of it?”

“It’s a huge undertaking in the city, of course, I have heard of it.” Mu Tianye replied, then turned to Ning Xiaofei to remind her, “Don’t drink too much.”

“Would Miss Ning want to try something else?” Mr. Mayor asked gently.

Ning Xiaofei shook her head immediately, “No, no. I’ll have this. You talk, don’t mind me!”

Seeing her liking the drink, the assistant on the side immediately went out and after a moment, brought back four to five glasses of wine and placed them in front of her.

Mu Tianye was already immersed with the talk on some of the particulars of the project. His exchanges with the Mayor made no sense to Ning Xiaofei, but she dared not interrupt.

Bored as she was but also in front of the Mayor, she had to maintain her demeanor. She could only pick a fork and strive to pierce the fruit ladylike, while taking sips on the cocktail the assistant has sent.

Before she knew it, she has already downed five glasses.

At first, she felt nothing. Gradually, she felt the buzz in her head, the fever in her cheeks and then their conversation passed through her ears in a fuzz. She insisted on holding onto her ladylike image, but then later, she couldn’t help but lean over till her head fell on Mu Tianye’s shoulder.

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