Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Third Prince, you’ve let me win….

Feng Yuanhang stood still with hands both gripped tightly on both sides.

He finally realized that he couldn’t stop Feng Chuge from entering Yuntian College….

All of a sudden, Feng Yuanhang felt a bone-piercing glare sweeping his way.

The eyes of Di Jue Chen that met him when he looked up shook him up….

“Today’s test is over.” Elder Yang stroked his beard and laughingly announced, “Alright, let it be known that Feng Chuge, Zilan, Biluo, and Luzhu will be entering Yuntian College!”

The moment his low voice rolled in, cheers burst out all around.

These four people, all of them were beautiful women.

Although the three weren’t comparable to Feng Chuge, they were still beauties in their own right.

There is a strange phenomenon in Yuntian College, where there are far more men than women and the ratio of men to women in the entire college has even reached eight to one.

Moreover, in general, women with talents were mostly unremarkable. Excluding their school sister Yan Qinxue, others were mostly plain.

Under such circumstances, when three beautiful women entered the college all at once, who wouldn’t be elated?

Down the test field, Feng Chuge expected no suspense on this result, so she stood idly by.

On the other side, He Lian Jin Yu and Murong Qing were both stuck in disbelief.


Were eliminated??

How could this be……?

He Lian Jin Yu stood in the same place, his face filled with uncertainty.

His eyes swerved towards Feng Chuge, filled with complexity.

“Feng Chuge… you…”

Not waiting for him to finish, Feng Chuge inserted as she turned to him and raised a brow, “Third Prince, you’ve let me win…”

Her clear amusement caused He Lian Jin Yu’s face to change dramatically.

And Murong Qing next to him whose brows were furrowed couldn’t hide the consternation that dug deeper into her eyes.

There’s no way….

She was sure it was the dispersing powder that her master has given her. It just wasn’t reasonable to say that Feng Chuge showed no reaction till this moment.

Suddenly, a thought cross her mind and her eyes widened…

Her red lips trembled while horror filled her eyes…

That’s right…

If Feng Chuge shows not the least bit of reaction, it can only mean that she wasn’t infected by that medicine!

If no effect were seen till this moment, then there’s only one possibility.

That is…

When she released the poisone, she was discovered!!

With this in mind, her face turne even more ugly.

“Miss Murong, don’t be so disheartened. We might not have been able to get in this year, but we still have a chance next year. It’s a pity we are not as good as these people. We admit defeat.” A man who had previously been traveling with Murong Qing noticed her anomaly. He only thought that she was dejected this badly for failing to enter Yuntian College.

His comfort caught the attention of the others and all eyes swayed in her direction, taking in the look in Murong Qing’s eyes.

Feng Chuge hooked her lips into an imperceptible sneer. She too looked at her but the curvature at the corner of her lips was more profound. Her smile was clearly bewitching, but at the same time humorless.

Murong Qing’s eyes faltered the moment she met her gaze.

Master has once told her that weeding must be done to the roots!

If Feng Chuge had really found out what she had done last night, then her situation was even more perilous now.

She would never allow herself in such danger!!

In a blink, Murong Qing raised her face and with a somewhat pale face, she cried rather delicately, “I’m not feeling well. I’m afraid I have to be on my way right away….”

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