Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Too late!

It seems….

Today isn’t going to end quietly.

The two sized each other.

While their surroundings grew especially strange.

Perhaps sensing the tense atmosphere around, the furry meatball at Feng Chuge’s foot suddenly gave off a boisterous “meow.”

Feng Chuge averted her eyes down, “Meatball, stay on the sidelines until the test is over.”

Meatball obviously wasn’t happy to hear Feng Chuge’s command.

Feng Chuge raised a quizzical brow and the Meatball instantly settled down. Not daring to cross her words, it walked to the side.

After Meatball left, Feng Chuge looked at Feng Yuanhang once again.

“Feng Yuanhang, is it? What a coincidence.”

Feng Yuanhang’s gaze on Feng Chuge grew fiercer.

The children of the Feng Family do have the looks.

Regardles of whether Feng Chuge was really a Feng Family member, Feng Qingwan and Feng Qianxue were considered beauties in the whole continent.

This Feng Yuanhang was even more unparalleled.

Although Feng Yuanhang hasn’t been ranked among the top five on the men’s list, his appearance at Yuntian College was absolutely superior.

Today’s Feng Yuanhang was garbed in blue robes.

His angular face without a trace of affection just increased his air of indifference.

He smacked his thin lips in reply, “I haven’t seen you for a a few years, but you have become quite a lot.”

In his memory, Feng Chuge has always been timid and cowardly as well as a waste that couldn’t practice a tiny bit of spiritual power. It was due to this reason that she was driven out of the Feng residence by his father six years ago.

Who would have thought that after six years, she would make a comeback.

“If a person stops at the same place without doing anything, then it makes him a real waste –” Feng Chuge lightly arched a brow. “What say you? My good brother….”

Her reply was full of cynicism.

Her memory before reaching the age of ten was all filled with being bullied in the Feng Residence.

Feng Yuanhang has never participated, but has always been a detached bystander facing the wall and allowed Feng Qingwan and the others to bully her.

In the face of such a man, he really can’t evoke even a half-baked drop of her affection!!

Her eyes questioned him too sharply.

If he hasn’t known that this person was Feng Chuge, Feng Yuanhang really couldn’t find a trace of the girl from his memory to her.

She has gotten too thorough!!

“Feng Chuge… What have you done to father?” He lowered his voice as fleeting coldness flashed across Feng Yuanhang ‘s eyes, recalling his mother’s letter.

“Don’t you know everything? Why bother asking?” feng Chuge replied nonchalantly.

She didn’t believe that Feng Zhaoyang and Mrs. Feng have kept everything that has transpired to themselves.

Feng Yuanhang’s eyes shrank deeply —

“I want to hear you say it myself….”


Feng Yuanhang took two steps back incredulously. “Feng Chuge, you are taking this rebellion too far!!”

“Is it such a big deal? Didn’t you all regard me as a stranger? Didn’t you always cared nothing of my life or death? Isn’t it too late to manage me now?” Feng Chuge’s taunts turned for the worse.

The corners of Feng Yuanhang’s lips twitched incessantly. He struggled to come up with a reply when the old man, who has already flown on the high platform above spoke aloud — “Looking down on everyone, you are all from different classes. Your strength is by far above these new recruits. I want you to fight with them one-on-one, then slowly increase your strength, until your opponent is defeated. Finally, tell me which kind of strength you have used. Do you understand?”

“Understood!” Neat voices cried in unison.

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