EP – Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Wearing branded dress, makes one think she is a famous 

Before Mu Tianye could respond, Ning Xiaofei beat him to it and took the initiative to introduce herself.

“My name is Ning Xiaofei. I hope Secretary will give me more guidance.”

She had seen this man before. Knowing that he was the Secretary of the City Hall and taking into consideration that she and Mu Tianye’s marriage was low-key, plus the three chapters of law she was given, Ning Xiaofei would never dare raise his flag outside.

It was rare for him to be in such a good mood. He was also willing to attend her show. If she were to announce that she was Mrs. Mu, who knew if he’d be unhappy and reneged on his word?

“It turned out to be Miss Ning.” Secretary Gu smiled and reached out to her palm, “It’s nice to meet you!”

NIng Xiaofei wigwagged her hand, which was wrapped in gauze. “I apologize. I have injuries on my hand. It’s a bit inconvenient.”

“It’s alright.”

Her eyes fell on the visibly disgruntled Gu Xinqi, then passed to Mu Tianye’s side profile and added a few degrees of sweetness.

“After being busy for so long, yo must be hungry. I’ll go get something for you.”

Saying that he was hungry, it’s her who’s belly was still flat now!

Mu Tianye turned a bad eye on the smiling Ning Xiaofei.

“Your hands are hurt. I’ll accompany you.”

Of course Gu Xinqi wouldn’t let him. She immediately grasped the nettle and inserted, “There’s no need to trouble Chief Mu. You talk to dad. I’ll go with Miss Ning!”

Anyway, since they didn’t end being tied up, she’d not allow others no chance.

With that, she stepped forward and hooked her arm on Ning Xiaofei’s quite affectionately.

“Let’s go!”

Since the other party took the initiative to send herself to her door, then she of course should welcome her!

Ning Xiaofei smiled divinely eager. “Then you talk, let’s go get the food.”

All the way, where there was a crowd, Ning Xiaofei would head there.

Being compared to Gu Xinqi, Ning Xiaofei was deemed higher on the scale. Men curiously swung by feigning to greet Gu Xinqi while trying to bring Ning Xiaofei round their conversations on the side.

“Xinqi, how could you keep this beautiful little princess and not introduce her to us earlier!”

“Right, this is not right!”


The men spoke to Gu Xinqi with their mouths, but one eye after another greedily fell on Ning Xiaofei.

Gu Xinqi’s heart was dying of jealousy. She managed to shake Ning Xiaofei’s arm off with two sentences and stomped her way to the serving table to get food for Mu Tianye.

Ignoring her all together, Ning Xiaofei quickly followed behind her and immediately pick some snacks.

“Our Tianye loves to eat this, and this one… Take more of this… Yeah, how could I forget fruits….”

Plates on both left and right, she just piled them on Gu Xinqi’s hands.

How could Gu Xinqi manage to balance them. Unwittingly, a plate of cake slid down and the cream dropped on her chest while the plate crashed on the floor.

Ning Xiaofei who has just gotten a plate of fruit nimbly stepped back, while people smiled in contempt.

“How clumsy, and here you are wanting to mix with the upper class. You must of thought that wearing a branded dress makes you a famous person. Why do I think you’re more like a jumping ape?!”

Gu Xinqi stared comically dazed at the colored cream on her chest and finally exploded.

“Ning Xiaofei, are you being deliberate?”

Ning Xiaofei grinned.

“I originally thought you had low IQ. I didn’t expect that you were this mentally retarded. Ha, what a victory!”

Losing interest in her, Ning Xiaofei took a bite of her fruit and sashayed back towards Mu Tianye.

Because of her father’s status, coupled with a pretty face after a facelift, Gu Xinqi has always been put on a pedestal. She was spoiled rotten from childhood so has never been this sizzingly angered.

Seeing red at the moment, she went after Ning Xiaofei and grabbed her arm.

“You dare berate me!”

Reaching out, she grabbed a wine glass from the long table and splashed the content at Ning Xiaofei.

TLN: Time’s tight for this week. I’ll update when time permits πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 136”

  1. Thanks for your efforts
    Mr. Mu will not be happy. I wonder if he’ll tell them that she’s his wife.
    I think she should have let Mu Tianye answer instead.


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