TOCH – Chapter 300

Chapter 300: She is gone

Thereafter, the long black tinted car slowly drove out of the Earl Du Lan’s home.

Though Fang Chixia gave up struggling and made no protests, she stared out of the window since they got on the car.

She was willing to follow him back, not compromising with him. She has been out for so many days. She felt that it was time to go back.

Fang Chixia wasn’t an unreasonable and willful person. From the start, she has already pinched all measures very well.

On the cruise ship, when her bottom line was touched and her dignity was trampled down on her feet, she has grabbed the only way to leave and resolutely fight with Luo Yibei.

However, the country was where she had grown up from a young age. Although she didn’t have any relatives, when she goes back, everything she had before was all at home, even her studies were not over yet.

Moreover, she never belonged to R country and she can’t always live in Chris Castle.

Returning to China was just a matter of time.

In the years that her studies haven’t been completed, she would always be living in China, under Luo Yibei’s watch.

If Luo Yibei refuses to let her go, her four-year marriage relationship with him must be maintained.

For this point, Fang Chixia was still clear-headed.

Leaving for a few days was just getting back at Luo Yibei.

On this account, even if Luo Yibei hasn’t taken her away today, she would take the iniative to go back some time in the future.

Not back to Luo Yibei’s side, but returning home, that’s for certain.

The black Rolls Royce sped up directly to the airport. Luo Yibei led her straight to the boarding gate when the arrived.

Fang Chixia followed behind him from beginning to end, letting his hand be held by him, like a doll being taken away.

The couple boarded the lane and then returned to their villa in Nice.

Country R wasn’t that far from France. It was only almost midnight when their reached home.

Luo Yibei walked ahead into the house followed by Fang Chixia. She marched upstairs, entered the bedroom and went straight for a bath.

After taking a shower, she lifted the blanket on the bed and tucked herself in.

She behaved as usual, as if nothing has disturbed the peace between them, albeit all without uttering a word.

Fang Chixia was an orphan. She has suffered a lot of grievances since she was a child. However, her mood never seemed to be affected too much by those things.

She could cry in his arms the day before, sobbing like a wounded little beast, but the next day, she would always be up, humming a tune in the whole room.

Luo Yibei was a bit worried watching the way she was acting. He thought that when he wakes up the next day, she would still be there, busying herself up and down the stairs.

However, when he opened his eyes in the morning, the room was strangely quiet.

Don’t mention a little noise, even the shadow of Fang Chixia was nowhere to be seen.

Luo Yibei’s brows were wrinkled. He dressed quickly and walked out of the room.

When he went downstairs, there was no Fang Chixia.

Nor could he see her shadow in the large living room.

“Fang Chixia!” Luo Yibei looked down and opened the door to the garden.

The garden was equally quiet, with only the trickling sound of the stream.

“Fang Chixia!” He trotted along the cobbled path and searched around the garden, then make a turn to the hot spring pool.

As he made his way up, the sound of splashing water came from above.

Luo Yibei took the stairs, step by step.

TLN: I’m too curious what would happen next. Wait, I’ll do one more 🙂

5 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 300”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    I know that Luo Yibei really crossed the line but Fang Chixia needs to focus on how to survive the running course of their marriage. They really need to compromise quickly or things are only going to get worse between them.


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