EP – Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Toss a peach, get back a plum

“Assistan Zhou, this is Ning Xiaofei. Are you available for a phone call now?”

“I am. What’s the matter, young miss?”

“I would you like to ask about your cooperation with Fengyun Media…. Does he know that its my column?”

Zhou Tao laughed, “With such a large collaboration plan, we certainly have to understand deeper. As you know, Mr. Mu has never participated in similar activities.”

The implications were already loud and clear – if it weren’t for Ning Xiaofei, Mu Tianye wouldn’t bother going down.

That proud master of his family has refused to say anything so he as his assistant had to help him pass the good word.

Believe it or not, it really was because of her!

“Uhmmm… Is he at the company now?”

Zhou Tao looked not far away, “We are at Shijia building. Master has been awarded the Outstanding Entreprenuer Medal in our city. In a while, he will be going on stage to receive the award.”

“Oh, if you’re busy, then I won’t bother you.”

Ning Xiaofei ended the call immediately and took another admiring look at flower as her screen saver. She couldn’t resist grinning. She quickly packed up the documents on her desk and holding her phone, she went downstairs, to a flower shop across the station.

The clerk immediately greeted her, “Is the lady going to buy flowers?”

Ning Xiaofei nodded. “When you are sending it to a man, what kind of flower is better?”

Toss a peach, get back a plum. (To return a favor)

The man has helped her a lot. She, more or less, also has to give him a congratulatory boquet if he was awarded a prize. She would surely surprise him.

“That depends on who you are sending. If it is a boyfriend, roses. Tulip can also be…”


Visualizing Mu Tianye, a grown man holding a bunch of roses, Ning Xiaofei immediately shook her head. She looked around the flower shop and at a glace saw some brightly blooming sunflowers on the shelf.

“Just this!”

Not long after, the clerk has wrapped the sunflowers according to her instructions. There wasn’t much cumbersome trims. The simple kraft paper bundled the splendid bouquet, clean and vivacious.

She left the flower shop with the bouquet in her bosom. She rushed to Shijia Building and after asking the front desk receptionist, went straight to the VIP room on the sixth floor.

When she arrived at the lounge near the entrance of the VIP room, she immediately took out her phone and dialed Zhou Tao’s number.

In the meantime, Zhou Tao was behind Mu Tianye in the hall. When his phone vibrated with Ning Xiaofei’s name on the screen, he answered it right away.

“Assistant Zhou, I am at the door. Can you come out for a moment? I bought a bunch of flowers. Please hand it over to Mu Tianye.

When Zhou Tao answered the call, Mu Tianye gave him a displeased sidelong glance.

“Are you busy?”

Zhou Tao held down the handset, “It’s the young miss’s call.”

Ning Xiaofei?

Mu Tianye asked at once, “What’s the matter with her?”

“Young Miss heard that you won a prize today. She bought you a bunch of flowers and is now outside. She was asking me to bring it in.”

She arrived but still wouldn’t come in?

Mu Tianye’s stretched brows immediately puckered up at his answer.

“Let her get it in herself!”

Zhou tao had no choice but to raise his palm and relay the command to Ning Xiaofei.

“I can’t go out at the moment. You can bring it in. We are on the podium side.”


Ning Xiaofei helplessly gave herself a once-over .

Jeans, T-shirt… Because her hand was hurt, her face wasn’t in the least bit washed. This was a formal banquet. How could she go in looking this unkempt, ah?!

That guy has always cherished his face. If she were to appear looking like this, he’d surely give her a slap and throw her away.

Through the glass window on the side of the hall, she saw a shopping mall opposite. Her eyes lit up as she swung around towards the elevator.

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