TOCH – Chapter 296

Chapter 296: A match made in heaven

His retort without any fluctuations were just loud enough to reach the ears of the person sitting in the middle of the lobby.

This precious flower already has a master! (This girl is already taken.)

His pupils blazed darkly as they slashed silently at Fang Chixia’s hand on Fei Si Nuo’s arm, the glint flashing glamorously in the dark…..

Fang Chixia’s line of sight has never strayed in his direction. After they entered the banquet hall, Fei Si Nuo led her to the self-service wine bar.

Fei Si Nuo picked up a glass of Angel’s kiss and gently sipped it. He drunk from his glass slowly and from time to time, his vision fell on Fang Chixia. His glances made Fang Chixia somewhat discomfited.

“Do you want a drink?” His hand raised the champagne glass elegantly in his hand and looked at her meaningfully. A tick formed at the corner of his lips as he smirked, the light above their heads illuminating his whole expression.

His smile came out as mischievous.

This Angel’s Kiss has become a subtle at the same time sensitive word between the two of them since the last party in Nice.

“No.” Fang Chixia played the fool who was unable to catch the meaning behind his gaze and averted her eyes. She moved around to look for other wines. “There is a variety of wine here. What’s this? The winner is king?”

Fei Si Nuo had intended to wind her up, but never expected her to play dumb.

Bored with himself, he put down his glass and followed behind her.

“Help me mix the wine you made for me before at the royal palace!” He stood next to her and leaned over for a look at the cocktails in the row, then faced her.

“All right. Do you want something with high concentration or something mild?” Fang Chixia didn’t balk at his request and found two chairs for them to sit down. She took several wine glasses and played bartender before him.

“This is a West Indian cherry juice. This is green grapefruit juice and this one is brandy. Depending on varying proportions, the taste will be different if blended together. If you like something sour with high concentration, you can add more brandy. Have a taste on this?”

They were so close that their heads could almost bump each outer. To a bystander, the pair were especially intimate.

The pairs was equally outstanding, their features complementing each other. They were just a match made in heaven.

Fang Chixia was ignorant to their appreciation and was only focused on the several glasses on the counter.

Fei Si Nuo maintained a smile from beginning to end. Whatever she sent, he took a sip.

“How is it?” Fang Chixia’s eyes flickered with some expectation.

“Not bad. Do you want to have a taste?” Fei Si Nuo handed her the glass where he had just taken a sip from, with some tiny drops still fresh on the rim.

“No. I drink myself.” Fang Chixia was extremely speechless. She pushed his hand away and continued to mix.

“Try this too!” She mixed two more with low concentration and handed one glass to Fei Si Nuo. She picked the other and casually took a sip.

The two sat shoulder to shoulder on the high chairs, their bodies almost attached to each other.

They both drank a few mouthfuls and nobody knew what Fei Si Nuo has said, Fang Chixia next to him burst into laughter.

Her laugh rang particularly captivating. Her faint smile could knock someone out for a moment, dazed and unable to move his eyes.

Her smile that bloomed naturally was a rare sight in Luo Yibei’s company.

Such picturesque, candid and unguarded, just hit the man now sitting in one corner…..



5 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 296”

  1. Will she overplay her hand? Fei Si Nuo has made up his mind to keep her as close as he can. And Yibei sulks in the corner as his treasure is being lured out of his den forever.


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