TOCH – Chapter 295

Chapter 295: Don’t mess with a precious flower with a master

The distinctive feature of a Valentino dress is its rich and gorgeous aristocratic element, simple yet not losing its magnificent luxury.

Fang Chixia’s pick was an aqua blue dress with smart texture. The bodice was embroidered lace with a simple design, but the impact was downright blinding.

Fei Si Nuo’s eyes were unabashedly overflowing with appreciation as he gazed at her coming down the stairs.

Fang Chixia didn’t return any of his gazes, but lowered her head and carefully brushed the hem of her dress.

This dress fitted her perfectly, which surprised her quite a bit.

Luo Yibei has done the same thing for her. The clothes he had prepared for her had always been fit, but Fang Chixia wasn’t surprised.

Well, she has lived with him for some time so it would be normal for him to be familiar with her everything.

However, she and Fei Si Nuo have never had close contact with each other. How did he get it so accurately?

Fang Chixia mulled over this question, and still yet to get a clear answer when they left the castle.

“You are very beautiful tonight.” This is where Fei Si Nuo and Luo Yibei differ. He would express his appreciation and opinions without hesitation.

“Thank you.” Fang Chixia tipped her head backwards and lifted a hand trying to brush her hair neatly.

Fei Si Nuo moved forward and waving her hand away, he picked a wisp of hair on her shoulders, smoothing it naturally behind her.

This made Fang Chixia stand still.

“Let’s go!” Fei Si Nuo extended his arm to her, as if nothing has happened.

Fang Chixia stared at his bent arm for a moment and finally understood his intent. She hooked her arm to on his.

She was wearing stilletos so her pace was a bit slow. Fei Si Nuo also slowed down to match her footsteps.

The main house to the garage wasn’t that far away but it took ten minutes for the two to reach it.

By the time they arrived at Earl Du Lan’s mansion, it was already past 7:00.

The house was packed with what it seemed like dignitaries of R country.

There was no doubt of Fei Si Nuo’s high status in R country. Wherever he went, there were many people who nodded to him with respect.

It was Fang Chixia’s first time accompanying him to a public event. Unbeknownst to her, this was also Fei Si Nuo’s first time blatantly taking a female companion to such a noteworthy banquet in the aristocratic circle.

This is Europe so most of the guests present tonight were Europeans, typical Western faces, except for Fang Chixia and Fei Si Nuo.

Fei Si Nuo’s presence was not to be questioned as these people were long acquainted with him in R country.

It was Fang Chixia, with an oriental face suddenly appearing in a crowd of Westerners, much like a little red in a million of greens, that was particularly eye-catching.

Fang Chixia’s exquisite features against Fei Si Nuo’s own charm, magnified her delicate oriental doll-like appearance. When they appeared, they attracted a lot of attention from the people present.

“Si Nuo, who is this? I haven’t seen her before.” One of the young men who should be in a significant position stared at Fang Chixia for a moment before jokingly quipped.

“Wen Sen, let me teach you an Eastern saying. Don’t mess with a precious flower with a master, understand?” Fei Si Nuo coldly returned to the young man whose face has now admitted defeat, then calmly led Fang Chixia inside without incident.



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