TOCH – Chapter 294

Chapte 294: You lead, I’ll follow

Dulan was struck dumb, but he lowered his head and agreed at once, “Just say the word, Bei Shaoye.”

Luo Yibei considered him for a while before the corners of his lips tilted upwards. The smile against his gloomy face, rendered his pair of inky eyes even more obscure….


Fang Chixia and Fei Si Nuo spent most of the day on the helicopter, that by the time they landed, it was almost close to evening.

“Have you ever been here? What do you want to eat? Where would you like to go?” Fei Si Nuo walked backwards and popped a series of inquiries.

He and Luo Yibei were poles apart. Luo Yibei’s indifference was innate. His impenetrable aloofness could be sensed miles away, striking you as being in danger if you were to get too close to him.

Fei Si Nuo’s presence was comparatively strong, striking one as being intimidating, but once he lets you close, he was very easy to get along with.

“The master should take the lead. I’ll just follow along.” Fang Chixia maintained her presence as a guest.

“Then follow along. Don’t get lost!” Fei Si Nuo jived. He caught her hand in his grasp as if afraid of losing it.

He led the way and was about to leave when the housekeeper suddenly came scrambling towards them holding what it seemed like an invitation.

“What’s the matter?” The smile on Fei Si Nuo’s face was reined in, turning dim and serious as he let go of Fang Chixia’s hand.

“Young Master, we just received an invitation letter from Earl Du Lan , stating that there would be a birthday party at his mansion tonight. He invited you over!” The housekeeper handed the invitation letter to him.

Fei Si Nuo looked at Fang Chixia, seemingly hesitant.

Knowing her status herself, Fang Chixia drew back two steps and spoke indifferently, “I don’t mind. You should go. I’ll just stroll around. You have many servants around the castle.”

“Let’s go together, go upstairs and change your clothes!” Fei Si Nuo handed the invitation back to the housekeeper and strode upstairs with her in tow.

Fang Chixia’s room was specially prepared for her. In the afternoon, everything that was lacking last night were arranged.

When Fang Chixia returned to the room, various clothes of limited edition have been hung neatly in several rows in the wardrobe.

Fei Si Nuo prepared everything for her for all occasions. There were numerous dresses and even a variety of matching accessories to complete each set.

Fang Chixia stared at them in bemusement, “In fact, there was no need to.”

She was only temporarily staying there and didn’t want him to do so much.

“It makes me happy. Change or I don’t mind helping you.” Fei Si Nuo gave her a lazy once-over and even extended a hand as if to strip her off her clothes.

“Alright. Don’t. I’ll do it myself!” Fang Chixia panicked and retreated backwards, avoiding his hand agily and inserting her own hands in between them to push him out. “I’ll change by myself. Go out first!”

“Fine!” Fei Si Nuo regretfully fixed his gaze on her dainty hands resting on his chest.

“I’ll wait for you downstairs after you change!” He drew his hand back and left the room.

Fang Chixia composed herself then chose a simple Valentino dress. She changed into it and simply brushed her long her behind, then made her way out.



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