EP – Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Love you, hugs and kisses….

“This column is a major project of the satellite TV in City A this year. The investment is substantial and it’s also garnering a lot of attention currently. The program’s positioning is relatively high-end and the first phase will be broadcasted on May 1st, just in time with the publicity of our new project. It will be hosted by one of the pillars of TV hosting, Pei Ruoxi. It was confirmed that one of the first of the guests would be the star, Xicheng, which is currently on fire. The entire production team is also strong. I believe that the rating will be high….The latter part is the expenditure budget, including the program’s copyrights, advertising locations and so on.”

His phone on the table vibrated again.

Mu Tianye slid the screensaver to the side and saw Ning Xiaofei’s message.

Not a text, but a voice message.

He placed his phone near his ear and pressed the play button.

“Husband is the most husband. Love you, mwa mwa, hugss….. Cut!!”


The man snorted but his lips unconsciously arched upward.

The moment he put away the phone from his ear, the director asked cautiously.

“What do you…”

Mu Tianye flipped the phone in his hand with his fingers, “Add another condition.”

“You say.”

“I want to be the first interview guest.”

The jaws of the marketing department director almost dropped to the ground.

“You… what are you talking about?”

How many international magazines and influential media platforms have asked him to attend interviews…. This man has always responded with just two words—- Don’t go!

But right now, he actually talked about participating in a talk show.

Mu Tianye dropped the documents on the table, his eyes turning sharp.

“Didn’t I say it clearly?”

“Of course not. I’ll get to it right away.”

The marketing director swallowed his own grievances and hurriedly collected the documents on the table with both hands and directly quit his office.

Mu Tianye leaned back on the back of the chair and looked at the voice message on the phone. The corners of his lips raised a touch of faint smile.



Inside the apartment.

Ning Xiaofei satisfactorily appreciated the photo of the flower on the mobile phone. “It’s really worth studying architecture. Even the angles are really good.”

Her satisfaction has yet to settle down when her phone rang again. The caller this time was Xicheng’s assistant Xu Yang, telling her that Xicheng’s company has already processed all the documents, informing her to take a trip to Tongzhi for the contract on Monday.

“Okay, no problem. It’s been hard on you!”

Ning Xiaofei hung the phone up whipped around to lie on the bed.

Xicheng has finally been settled, but this second guest….

Looking at the photo on the screen, she jerked up. She found Mu Tianye’s phone number, but then turned the screen off again.

Forget it, this guy has always rejected participating in interviews. She wasn’t looking forward to irritating his scales, otherwise she’d only be rebuffed.

But this second guest…

While racking her brains, another call came on the phone. Thinking that it was Producer Xu so Ning Xiaofei answered it right away.

“Producer Xu, can I help you?”

“A good news and a bad one. The good news was that our first guest has now been confirmed.”

“Really?” Ning Xiaofei jumped down directly from the bed, “Who?”

“It’s our sponsor for this program, the person in charge of the New Century Plaza.” Producer Xu’s tone was somewhat helpless. “So there is still a bad news. You must re-arrange the questions for the guests.”

After all, the Ji Family was also in the real estate business, and Ning Xiaofei has heard of this project from them.

The New Century Plaza was the largest real estate project in City A these past few days. The entire square would include office buildings, commercial buildings and entertainment centers. The construction of the project has cost hundreds of millions and took three years to complete.”


TLN: This is all for today πŸ™‚ Tomorrow again….

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