EP – Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Married to such little trouble

Dead girl, dare to tear down his disguise!

Hearing the chuckle of the girl in his arms, Mu Tianye reached her waist and pinched her. Ning Xiaofei was caught off guard and yelped in pain.

“Be careful!” Mu Tianye gently held her arm. “Didn’t the doctor say you are not allowed to get out of bed. Still, you have to ran out of bed.”

“What a model husband!”

“Right, it’s not easy to find a young man this considerate now!”


The crowd immediately lamented.

Gently supporting Ning Xiaofei until they turned around a corner, Mu Tianye shed off all gentleness and dragged her all the way out of the emergency and stuffed her into the car. The man then followed in the back seat calmly.

If he could kill the dead!

He knew he should have left her alone. Why did he have to help her take off her pants!

When the car started to drive outside the hospital, Ning Xiaofei secretly glanced at Mu Tianye. The man was sullen, but she could still see that his cheeks were slightly reddish.

It turned out that he also has a moment of shyness!


Thinking of the way he pretended to be a model husband, Ning Xiaofei finally couldn’t resist roaring with laughter.

Dead girl, still dare to laugh at him!

Mu Tianye glanced at her sideways and angrily glared at her.

“Laugh once more and I’ll throw you out!”

She hurriedly lifted her hands wrapped in gauze to muffle her laughter. The man could only turn his face to the window.

The man’s eyes swept over and saw her face reflected on the window. Her palm which was wrapped in gauze were pressed against her mouth, but her slightly bent eyebrows betrayed her expression.

Mu Tianye gnashed his teeth and leaned back on the back of the seat.

With his intelligence, he must have been confused for a moment. He was actually married such a little trouble!



When the car returned to Lanting Apartment, Zhou Tao personally helped the two to open the door and handed Ning Xiaofei’s schoolbag to Mu Tianye.

The man carrying her backpack sullenly went up the steps. Ning Xiaofei lifted her butt and hurriedly ran after him into the elevator, still secretly studying the man’s expression. She pouted and chewed on her lips then bowing her little head down, stood in front of him.

“Husband, I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

If there was no him tonight, things wouldn’t have ended so smoothly tonight.

In any case, it was the first time he rushed to save her, and helped her out of revenge. Even though she knew that he did not care about her, but because she was Mrs. Mu, he would never stand his woman being bullied…..

Nevertheless, he has helped her and even took her to the hospital to treat her wound. Ning Xiaofei wasn’t ungrateful to those who were good to her.

“Also, thank you husband for helping me out. I promise, I’ll listen to you later!”

Mu Tianye snorted coldly.

Listen to him?


How many times has she promised and actually listened to him?

If she were his employee, she would have been fired for eight hundred times and back.

The elevator doors parted and Mu Tianye carried her bag out of the lift.

Ning Xiaofei immediately gave chase.

“Husband, slow down a bit! Husband, don’t walk too fast…. Husband, if I’ll run again, our little baby will run away soon!”

Mu Tianye just opened the door when he heard this. His jaws clenched tight, but his lips unconsciously curved up.

Ning Xiaofei tilted her little head and caught this fleeting smile. She hurriedly flattered.

“Hey, husband, you were so witty just now!’

Turning to the side, he let her enter the door. In an instant, Mu Tianye raised his arm to catch her halfway and slammed her on the wall. Watching the man’s magnifying face approaching her, Ning Xiaofei nervously shrank back.

“Husband…you…what are you doing?”

Mu Tianye sneered, “Since you like babies so much, then we will have one!”

“But my relative has not left yet…”

The word ‘relative’ has not yet been said, but the man already blocked her mouth unceremoniously.



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