EP – Chapter 120

Chapter 120: You are coming in too?!

This place was Mu Tianye’s territory. Of course, his subordinates well never admit that he was the culprit. They most certainly knew how to protect the interests of their own master.

Li Yichun raised his hand and wiped the blood on his face. “For the damages, we pay! You…you can calculate everything. No matter how much, we will compensate… You, you must tell him some good words for us. I am… My poor family is in City A and things tonight were really just a misunderstanding!”

The manager smiled slyly, “Chief Li, I’m just the manager of the tea house. As for other matters, by all means I am not qualified to cut in. However, I have to make it clear that this yellow pear rack was specially brought out from the palace. You’d better be prepared mentally.”

With that, he straightened up.

“Yanzi, calculate how much loss we have here. Check it out and deliver it to our customers!”

“Yes, manager!” A gentle looking maid came over immediately. “Between you two, who will shoulder the bill?”

“I will, I will!” Li Yichun immediately fished out his wallet from his pocket. “It’s all on my account!”



The car drove into the hospital, and Mu Tianye rushed into the emergency room carrying Ning Xiaofei.

Looking at the haste of this team of people, doctors and nurses only concluded that this was a serious accident. And so, a crowd immediately trotted over and surrounded Ning Xiaofei.

The surgeon looked at Ning Xiaofei up and down. “Where is the injury?”

Mu Tianye lifted Ning Xiaofei’s wounded hand right way, careful as he could do. One could think that her hand could be broken with just a touch.

This mindfulness made the doctor add a few more points of caution in his action. Treating her as a delicate embroidery, he uncovered the towel on the back of Ning Xiaofei’s hand.

The wound and the towel were glued together so Ning Xiaofei couldn’t help suck in a breath as the pain accompanied it.

Feeling the tautness of the girl in his arms, Mu Tianye opened his mouth in displeasure.


The doctor shook his head and took the alcohol handed over by the nurse to disinfect Ning Xiaofei’s wound.

The wound was again irritated by the infectant and Ning Xiaofei wrinkled her brows.

“Don’t you have any anesthetic?”

The man once again snorted.

“Sir.” The doctor smiled. “This kind of injury is only a superficial skin injury. It doesn’t need to be stitched, so there is no need for it.”

The man scoffed, “A bunch of fools!”

The doctor shook his head again and continued to bandage.

Ning Xiaofei was a little embarrassed, “Doctor, don’t mind him.”

“It’s nothing.” The doctor applied some medicine and completed the dressing. “Don’t touch the water these days, just remove the gauze after three days.”

“Thank you.”

Ning Xiaofei apologized politely, and the doctor turned to leave.

Mu Tianye frowned and called out to him, “Does she need to take medicine?”

“Sir, don’t be nervous, your lover is a normal skin wound. It will be crusted for up to three days and will soon be fine.”

“Sir, don’t be nervous. Your girlfriend only has an ordinary skin injury. It will scab in three days at most, and will soon be fine.”

The female doctor smiled at him gently and turned away.

Ning Xiaofei moved forward to jump off the treatment bed, and was taken by Mu Tianye after taking just one step.

“Where are you going?”

Her hand has just been wrapped up securely so was she going to go tossing about?

“I have something to deal with.”

“Less nonsense. Go home with me.”

“I…” Ning Xiaofei’s little face reddened, “Can I go to the toilet?”

On the side, Zhou Tao could barely fight back the smile spreading on his cheeks, but he did not laugh out loud.

Mu Tianye glared at him.

“You go and checkout, then get the car ready!”

With that, he reached out and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out of the treatment room.

In front of the ladies ‘ room, Ning Xiaofei tried to free her arm, but saw the man knock on the door with his hand instead. “Anybody there?”

No one responded at the door. He raised his hand and pushed the door open. Ning Xiaofei looked at him as if he were an alien.

“You… You are coming in too?!”

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