Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Really wordy 

“In any case, this year’s Yuntian Academy selection, cousin and Third Prince would certainly get in.”

A flash flickered in Feng Chuge’s eyes, “I hope Fifth Prince’s words are auspicious.”

“You can do it. I believe in you. Right…. just call me cousin directly later on or we would sound like strangers.”

Feng Chuge cracked a smile.

Were they that close?

It seemed they have only met two times now!!

Seeing the expression on Feng Chuge, He Lian Zi Xuan no longer bothered to joke around. He still smiled, “Well, cousin. I’ll be leaving then…”

“All right… I won’t be sending you…” Feng Chuge leaned aside and responded.

He Lian Zi Xuan’s lips twitched.

This cousin of his really doesn’t bother giving him face!!!

It’s alright since he was the one here today. If it were He Lian Jin Yu, this attitude Feng Chuge displays, in accordance to He Lian Jin Yu’s temperament would definitely cause trouble.

He Lian Zi Xuan shook his head and continued on his way outside.

After He Lian Zi Xuan left, Zilan laughed. “This Fifth Prince is better than the Third Prince, but he doesn’t seem very clever.”

Feng Chuge whispered back, “Who cares about him?”

She stood up and went inside, seeing Achen standing aside.

“Xiao Chen Chen, what are you doing standing here? Where’s your uncle?”

Achen braced his hands across his chest once more, ” Humph, whenever I’m not around, you mess with peach blossoms…” (Let me search for the right phrase for this 🙂

“….” the corners of Feng Chuge’s eyes smoked.

This baby really has to be educated well, otherwise, she’s afraid of how he would turn out to be in the future.

However, the thought of never seeing him soon after she enters Yuntian Academy, a shadow of sorrow took root at the bottom of her heart.

Brushing off what Achen has just said, she stepped forward and squatted down then sized up this little man.

“Achen… After I leave, you have to take good care of yourself. If it’s cold, remember to dress more. You shouldn’t be so picky with food. A picky eater won’t grow tall. And…”

Feng Chuge has yet to finish her tirade, but Achen put his foot forward… “Really wordy.”

He turned his head, but there was a hint of imperceptible laughter on his face.

“You can’t bear to leave me, right?” Achen turned his head again, eyeing Feng Chuge with a pair of twinkling eyes.

Feng Chuge pinched his face, “Of course, I can’t bear. Ah…..”

“I’ll come visit you at Yuntian Academy.”

“Oh? You?” Feng Chuge sized up Achen’s little body and raised a brow.

“You don’t believe me?”

“The letter….” Feng Chuge whispered….

The letter was fishy!!

She stood up and stared at Achen seriously. “In short, take good care of yourself. With your uncle with you, you will be alright. I will definitely come back.”

“I know. You’re getting more and more verbose.” Achen placed his hands down and drooped his eyelids, concealing the emotion that surfaced in his eyes.

“I’ll go back to my room first. My uncle is waiting for me.”

“Alright. Go ahead…”

Watching at the little figure who went back, Feng Chuge gave off a long sigh.

This child is really more like an adult, not a child.

This side of him was really too distressing….

“Zilan go to the organization and select two people. Let them protect Achen.” Feng Chuge walked to another path.

Zilan snorted, “Rest assured, Miss. Achen, that rascal, might be too young, but no one would hurt him. Miss, you’re really too worried.”

Feng Chuge heard her, blinked, and eventually had to admit that she was worried, indeed too much.

Not to mention that Achen was smart, there’s also that new uncle that suddenly popped out, who seemed to be out of ordinary…


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