Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Hero saving the beauty

An old cow eating young grass!!

The corner of Feng Chuge’s eyes smoked.

She turned her head, reached out and brushed the hair scattered over her chest, then looked at the Zilan with amusement glittering deep in her eyes.

“I heard that there are households in the suburbs looking for a brides for their young children. Since Zilan seemed keen on old cows eating young grass, this miss will send you over there tomorrow.”

Zilan heard her say so and the smile on her face froze. “Miss… Zilan was just talking thoughtlessly.. I was just talking about it….”

Feng Chuge swept a glance at her, “The next time you talk nonsense again, I’ll really throw you out!!”

Zilan covered her mouth. “No nonsense…. No nonsense…”

With that, she stepped forward, following Feng Chuge behind.

It’s just that while walking, Zilan couldn’t restrain herself mumbling-

“I wasn’t talking nonsense… Obviously, old cows eating young grass are happy.”

The two continued on their way when they heard some hurried footsteps.

“Miss, someone from the palace arrived- “


Feng Chuge arrived at the front hall and saw He Lian Zi Xuan, who was wearing a white cloak.

When He Lian Zi Xuan saw her coming, a smile spread across his face…


“With the Fifth prince running here, is something the matter?” Feng Chuge dismissed his greeting and asked directly.

Her cold reception didn’t annoy He Lian Zi Xuan at all. He just motioned for an aide on the side.

The person responded and brought forward the tray he was holding.

“These are some rewards given by Imperial mother and father for you. They had no time to spare so they sent me instead.”

Gems and other fine ginseng as well as other medicinal herbs crowded on the tray.

“Thank the empress and emperor for their grace…” Feng Chuge smirked. These are rare items. People who don’t accept are fools!

“Zilan, take these away.”

“Cousin, what are your plans for the future?” He Lian Zi Xuan suddenly inserted.

Although Feng Chuge wasn’t a waste, but in this reserved country where marriage is considered ominous, a woman who has a broken engagement, almost all families wouldn’t dare let her enter their gates.

As he asked, the faint glow in his eyes couldn’t be hidden.

In the past few days, he has specially asked the servants around him how to get a woman’s heart in the shortest possible time. They told him that as long as he shoots an arrow for the woman in distress, he’ll definitely win the woman’s heart….

He Lian Zi Xuan’s wishful thinking has hit him hard.

He was convinced that this Feng Chuge would be easily hooked.

That being the case, if he proposes to marry her, then would she….

His thoughts has flown to the clouds when the cold tone on the side brought him back to his senses, “It’s really nice to have the Fifth prince worrying about me. It’s just that my business has nothing to do with you, does it?”

He Lian Zi Xuaan persisted and continued to lead the topic back to his intentions. “Third brother was really too much. In front of so many people, he has embarrassed cousin. He even deliberately said those words, which could let cousin unable to marry. But… Cousin, rest assured, I’m here! With me here, no one would dare bully you.”

Feng Chuge finally lifted her eyelids and looked closely at He Lian Zi Xuan up and down.

Since a moment earlier, she has felt this He Lian Zi Xuan strange.

Now, with another look at him, she saw his cheeks unexpectedly slightly red, with his eyes twinkling.

The appearance of naivety on his face was somewhat shy, much like a callow youth….

Feng Chuge’s brows wrinkled, not quite sure of He Lian Zi Xuan’s meaning.

She was about to open her mouth in response when a childish voice passed in —


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