EP – Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Flattery

Outside the door, Mu Tianye clenched his jaw, hummed coldly and turned out of the door.

He thought that this dead girl was really in trouble. He didn’t even wear his clothes properly and ran just to save her. As a result….

This little liar was actually caught by the police for prostitution!

Zhou Tao turned his face to look at the man’s back and reluctantly regained his gaze. He then looked at Ning Xiaofei.

The senior police officer on the side looked doubtfully at Mu Tianye who was leaving. He asked politely.

“Assistant Zhou, was Chief Mu looking for someone here?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Zhou Tao responded at once.

The superintendent immediately went around and whispered some words to his men. Zhou Tao on the other hand approached Ning Xiaofei.

“You can wait outside first. I’ll handle the procedures here.”

“Thank you.”

Ning Xiaofei nodded in thanks and sullenly headed out of the interrogation room.

At this time, Li Yichun and Chief Liu were also released by some people. When they saw Ning Xiaofei who stepped down the steps, Li Yichun’s eyes immediately burned in anger.

With their identity and ability, of course, they will not be trapped by such insignificant hiccups. But to be beaten by a little girl for no reason, and lose face, this humiliation was naturally something Li Yichun cannot swallow.

With a low command, he upped his chin.

“Block this dead girl!”

At his behest, several of his men complied and trotted to her at once.

Ning Xiaofei was looking right and left for Mu Tianye’s car. Hearing the footsteps behind her, she turned around vigilantly.

Her face sank at the sight of the few people who were meant to stop her. “Don’t mess around. This…. this is a police station!”

The person at the front smirked, “We aren’t going to do anything bad. It is so late. It isn’t safe for you. This brothers will send you home!”

“Right. You can’t get a car here!” Li Yichun followed behind with a grin, “Isn’t it best for Uncle Li to send you back?”


Watching the few people closing in, Ning Xiaofei stepped back. Behind her was just the corner of the street and there was a space down. She wasn’t looking where she tread on so, she almost stumbled backwards.

Fortunately, a palm promptly supported her back.

Not waiting for Ning Xiaofei to turn around, Li Yichun and Liu have already shown a look of surprise.

“Hey, isn’t this Chief Mu?”

“Chief Mu, why are you here?”

Ning Xiaofei raised her face and saw Mu Tianye’s cold eyes. Her heart trembled and didn’t dare utter a sound.

“What’s going on?” Mu Tianye asked coldly.

This question was originally meant for Ning Xiaofei. But Li Yichun and Liu thought he was asking them.

The marriage between Mu Tianye and Ning Xiaofei was not publicized, so they naturally did not know the relationship between the two.

Hearing him ask, one of Li Yichun’s men smiled and offered an explanation immediately.

“Don’t mention it. This dead girl has gone against the heavens and slapped our Chief Li. Chief Li was just getting ready to teach her how to be a man. Isn’t it right?”

“How could you speak to Chief Mu so impolitely !” Liu berated the man. “Chief Mu, they are just too young and ignorant, just ignore them.” His eyes passed gently but swiftly on the hand Mu Tianye’s hand on Ning Xiaofei’s back and smiled in flattery, “This girl looks good. If you like it, why don’t I send her to you tonight?!”

“Right, Chief Mu!” Li Yichun won’t stay idle and hand such a huge favor to Chief Liu. He immediately joined in Mu Tianye’s table with loyalty. “Don’t look at her appearance. She’s a lady. I guarantee that she is cleaner than anyone outside! Tonight, no matter how you want her, I have a way to shut her up. She will never give you trouble!”

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