EP – Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Really not a prostitute

Outside the door, a burst of footsteps broke into the mess.

The door was then pushed open, followed by a team of police officers who rushed in, grabbing a few reluctant men and women in the room. One of them rushed into bathroom and caught Ning Xiaofei.

Seeing the police arriving, Ning Xiaofei was relieved and gratefully smiled.

“Uncle police, no, police comrade, you arrived just in time…”

“Be serious, don’t give that smile!” The young policeman narrowed his eyes on her face and fastened a handcuff on her wrists.

“No, don’t arrest me. I’m the caller. If you don’t believe me, you can check my phone.”

The young policeman gave her no chance to speak at all. He lifted his hand and confiscated her phone. “We have not received any alarm so don’t give me this crap. Take them to the police station!”

With that, she was pulled outside and was walked to the door.

At this time, a lot of police officers were standing in the corridors. The doors of each private room was wide open. A number of men and women who were dressed scantily were brought out by the police from the private rooms.

This…… This situation wasn’t right, right?!

Ning Xiaofei was still watching in confusion. The young policeman took her down the stairs. A female police officer in charge of the assisting the upstairs saw Ning Xiaofei. She frowned and her face solidified.

“Not studying but engaging in this kind of shameful things. How are you going to answer to your parents?”


Ning Xiaofei was about to explain, but she was pushed into the police car by the young policeman.

In the van, there were girls, all with heavy makeup. Ning Xiaofei immediately realized where it was wrong.

This obviously was an anti-prostitution raid. Why was she also caught?

“Comrade police, you got it wrong. I”m not…”


The police car was slammed close and locked directly. It was started and with the siren blowing, drove away from Tang Gong.


Ning Xiaofei looked back at the Tang Gong building, that gradually became smaller from the outside, and leaned back dejectedly on the seat.

What bad luck!



In a minute.

The car carrying Mu Tianye then drove in, ignoring the police cars everywhere. He flew out of the car and rushed to the entrance of the Tang Gong.

As soon as he entered the door, he was stopped by a policeman.

“What are you doing?”

“Fuck off!”

He pushed the man aside and sprinted to the steps, running all the way to 306. He saw one of his men garbed in plain clothes negotiating with a policeman.

He was about to go over and inquire when the phone in his palm rang.

“Is this Mu Tianye? This is the XX branch. There is a girl suspected of prostitution, Ning Xiaofei, who claims to be your wife. Better come over immediately!”

“Chief Mu!” His subordinate hurriedly rushed over. “There was a prostitution raid. They said the little girl may have been taken away. Shall we go to the precinct to see?”

Mu Tianye gnashed his teeth in fury and headed back to the car.

Half an hour later, the car finally pulled over to the XX precinct. He followed Zhou Tao to the interrogation room and at a glance, saw Ning Xiaofei sitting on a chair smiling and trying to explain herself.

“Uncle police, you must believe me. I really am not a prostitute! I have my work permit in my bag and other documents. I was only there to talk about work…”

The policeman glanced at her and snorted, “Talk about work, work in bed?”

“No, don’t get me wrong! If you do not believe, my husband will arrive in a moment. You will know, my husband is loaded. I… How could I possibly do such a thing…”

Feeling a beam of gaze, such as an arrow hitting her body, Ning Xiaofei looked at the door.

Seeing the man standing outside the door, dressed in a white shirt, elegant, reserved, an expensive man, her eyes brightened in delight at first. Then, she bowed her head down, stood up from the chair, and timidly opened her mouth.

“Husband, you’re here!”



TLN: Her troubles are endless and funny

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