EP – Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Daddy’s bastard

“You’ve got a pretty name!” Chief Liu also stretched out his hands. While his greasy hand was gripping hers, he looked her up and down. “It should mean […] (can’t translate this part sorry, but it’s the description of her name.) I remember it should symbolize flowers and plants, which are very fragrant, if I am not mistaken. Right?”

Feeling the man’s sweaty palm, holding her hand, Ning Xiaofei was a little disgusted, and immediately withdrew her hand.

“Chief Liu is indeed an erudite. In fact, I came here with only one purpose. I wanted to see if you are interested?”

“I’m interested. Certainly interested!” Chief Liu grabbed her arm again. “Don’t just stand. Let’s sit and talk.”

Pulling her down on the sofa, his palm were lifted up and was placed on her lap.

Ning Xiaofei moved to the side and let the other party’s palm miss. She then fished out a business card from her bag.

“This is my business card. If you have time someday, let’s schedule an appointment by then for a chat!”

With that, she was about to get up.

She has never had a clear understanding on him before. She only knew that he was a migrant worker with a bit family background. Later, he not only established Huayang Architecture, but also was commended as a model of entrepreneurship. Who would have thought that he’d be a vulgar lecher. Even if she was desperate, she wouldn’t want this kind of person to ruin her show!

“Xiao Fei!” Li Yichun immediately got up and stopped her. “Why are you so anxious? Just accompany him for a two glasses of wine. Uncle Li will definitely not treat you badly. This is a rare opportunity. As long as you make him happy, any advertising you want, it would be easy to do so….”

She had thought that he really was helping her. She’d never expected to be caught in his game. He normally presented such upright air. Who would have ever imagined that he has a lot of dirty tricks.

Ning Xiaofei raised her lips into a sneer. “There is such a good thing. Why didn’t let your daughter come?”

Li Yichun’s face changed. “Ning Xiaofei, you really have no shame! Did you really think that you are such a lady. You’re just your daddy’s bastard….”


Ning Xiaofei’s palm landed on his face.

“You!” Li Yichun never anticipated this girl’s hand to be so face. There was no defense against her and the slap was done neat and clean. Anger consumed his entire face, “You, this dead girl, you dared to hit me?”

Ning Xiaofei snorted coldly and made her way to the exit. It just so happened that one of Li Yichun’s men entered the door. When Li Yichun saw him, he shouted angrily.

“Give her to me!”

The man grabbed Ning Xiaofei and dragged her back to Li Yichun.

This time, several girls accompanying the men and wine in the room got up.

Seeing that the situation was getting serious, Ning Xiaofei shook the man’s arm off, but failed to escape.

A young man with a pointy nose ran over and blocked her way, smirking as everyone surrounded her.

Li Yichun sniggered as he traced a finger on her flushed face.

“Tonight, I will teach you how it is to be a man!”

As soon as he waved his hand, several people pounced together on Ning Xiaofei.

With no other route for escape, she took her chance on an open space ahead. Ning Xiaofei turned and rushed into the bathroom, and forced the door to close.

Li Yichun was enraged. He kicked the door while shouting, “Dead girl, get out!”

“Don’t be angry Chief Liu, we’ll find the key!”


Ning Xiaofei looked behind her. The space inside the bathroom was small. There was no place to escape and there was nothing to be used for self-defense.

Struggling to keep the door closed, she grabbed a bottle of air freshener and held it tightly in her hand. While shivered as she felt for her phone.

“Li Yichun, I tell you, if you mess with me, I will call the police now.”

TLN: She’s in for another “mess around”

5 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 113”

  1. Call for help right away ,Oh my who’s going to rescue her this time .
    Thank you so much for the update 🙂


  2. Anyone else thinks this female lead is stupid. That fake family treats you like shit and you always let yourself get caught up in their games.


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