EP – Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Come back and rip your skin off.

Moving back to the master bedroom, she opened her phone and called Zhou Tao.

“Check it out. What the hell has my wife involved herself in at the TV station?”

“Okay, Chief Mu.”

Hanging up his phone, Mu Tianye placed it back on a table.

Ning Xiaofei, I’ll wait for you to beg me!



The next day, when Ning Xiaofei was woken up by the alarm clock, Mu Tianye had already left early to catch a plane. His company has branches in several countries around the world, and he has never mentioned in which countries. His work has always been busy.

On the hall, there was a note he left behind.

“I’ll be on a business trip for two days. Dare mess around, I’ll rip your skin off when I come back!”

“Did you think I’d be scared?”

Turning her eyes away from the note, Ning Xiaofei ripped it out of the door.

Rushing to the television station, she reported her activities and immediately hurriedly set foot on her journey, personally finding the executives she knew. She has never lost her smile and persisted in flattering, launching a variety of resource relations….

After two days of running, her legs were worn out, but she harvested nothing.

So much so that when she sat on the sofa, she had forgotten that it was Saturday and that she was going to watch Pei Ruoxi’s show.

Until, Ye Qiao’s phone call came over.

“Ha… Xiaofei, I’m watching the show. It’s so cool!”

Ning Xiaofei was stunned, “I totally forgot that today is Saturday.”

“It’s all right, I recorded the video. I’ll send it to you later.” On the other end of the line, Ye Qiao echoed. Her excitement was without a doubt. “I’m tweeting on Weibo. After a while, go straight there. I tell you, don’t think this bastard was really admitting her mistake. You have to be more careful later. She has fallen into your hands this time, but she’ll certainly find a way to get back at you in the future. But…… Haha…… I feel so good to see her ugly face.”

“Let her retaliate if she wants!”

Ning Xiaofei’s enthusiasm wasn’t that much high, she wasn’t in the mood to deal with this.

Today was Saturday, the day after tomorrow would be Monday. Time was running like water. In the blink of an eye, it would be May Day and the guests have not been settled yet. What to do…

Her phone suddenly rang again and another name appeared on the screen, “Li Yichun”. She hurriedly informed the other on the line.

“Xiao Qiao, I have an emergency call. I’ll pick it up first. I’ll call you later.”

She hang up on Ye Qiao’s and tapped to answer Li Yichun’s call.

“Uncle Li?”

“Xiao Fei, weren’t you asking me to introduce you to the founder of Huayang. Chief Liu is with me now. Come over!”

“Really!” Ning Xiaofei exclaimed excitedly, getting up from the sofa and gripped her phone tightly. She run to the foyer. “Tell me, where are you?”

The man on the other side replied with a name, “Tang Gong.” Ning Xiaofei grabbed her bag, rushed out of the apartment, and hailed a taxi.

In no time at all, the taxi stopped in front of Tang Gong. She jogged into the entrance and immediately went to the third floor. She sorted her clothes and turned the knob on the 306 room.

A girl dressed sexily with heavy make up opened it from the inside, saw her and doubtfully gave her a once over.

“Who are you looking for?

“Xiao Fei, come on, come in!

Inside the door, Li Yichun, who was sitting on the sofa, saw her and immediately smiled in greeting. He pulled her arm and led her into the private room, bringing her over to another man sitting on the sofa.

“Chief Liu, how about this one?”

The middle-aged man sitting on the sofa raised his face. His eyes fell on Ning Xiaofei’s bare, but exquisite little face and his eyes flashed brightly.

“Excellent, very good!”

“Liu Zong!” Ning Xiaofei smiled and reached out to her palm. “I am very glad to meet you. I am Ning Xiaofei.”



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  1. Is it me or it looks like uncle Li sold her out for his own gain as a “bed warmer”?
    Thanks for the update


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