EP – Chapter 111

Chapter 111: All right, keep pretending!

Inserting the key to open the door, Ning Xiaofei poke out her small head to explore the hall. She only saw the lamp in the foyer left unlit, which meant the other occupant hasn’t returned yet. Ning Xiaofei sighed in relief.

Too lazy to cook and with no appetite, she casually went to the kitchen to find a packet of biscuits, a cup of milk, and then carried her computer upstairs. She nested in the second bedroom to continue checking information. Time won’t wait for people. She must deal with this second guest as soon as possible.


Mu Tianye unlocked door and entered. Looking around, he noticed Ning Xiaofei’s bag on the side. He picked it up and hung it on the shelf.

On the carpet, a document was left open. Mu Tianye picked up the file and saw his name on the document.

“Name: Mu Tianye, Age:…”

How dare this dead girl investigate him?

He frowned and opened the file. In addition to his various companies, it was also followed by his educational background and how he started his business, as well as various personal achievements. Even several buildings he designed during his school days were well-listed. Followed by questions Ning Xiaofei has prepared to ask him and some directions.

Quickly browsing through the documents, he left the papers on the cupboard and turned around to pinch the papers and shove them back into her schoolbag.

It seems that she has also done a lot of work for her interviews …

Taking off his coat, Mu Tianye made his way upstairs.

Stretching out a hand for another piece of cookie, Ning Xiaofei sent it to her mouth when she heard the footsteps outside. She nervously stopped all actions and bit the biscuit into her mouth. She quickly put away the computer and other stuff and drilled into the quilt, covering her head.

Being tired coupled with blood loss, she now has no energy to quarrel with him.

For a moment, the door was pushed open.

She closed her eyes and remained motionless, but her pair of ears were perked up for the movements around her.

Mu Tianye arrived to her bed side. His sight swept across the computer on the nightstand. In Ning Xiaofei’s haste, the screen was not completely shut. So, in this short time, the screen was still on and light appeared on the gap. His eyes wondered on the steaming coffee for a moment, and gently raised an eyebrow.

The computer screen was still on, the coffee was still hot…

This little liar was acting in front of him again?

His gaze moved and fell on her clenched fingers by the corner. Mu Tianye deliberately coughed.

Ning Xiafei’s heart trembled, but the girl didn’t move. – She has fallen asleep and she has slept deeply. Not to mention coughing, even a thunder wouldn’t wake her up….

Mu Tianye raised the other brow.

One day has passed and his anger has also burned down a lot. He wanted to give her a chance, as long as this little girl admits her mistake, he’ll forget this matter….

Dead girl, he has given her a chance but she doesn’t know how to appreciate it?

All right, keep pretending!

With a slam, he swung around and marched out of the second bedroom.

Ning Xiaofei perfectly understood this move. She listened to him going far and waited for a while before uncovering herself. She sighed and quickly gobbled up the biscuits and the cup of coffee into her stomach. She didn’t dare work anymore. Without brushing her teeth, she reached out and switched off the lamp then shrank back into the bed.

Soon, she really fell asleep.

Opposite, Mu Tianye has just taken a shower and lay on the pillow, but there was no signs of sleepiness.

On weekdays, he would be busy every day. Before, at this time of the night, he would have been either entertaining or working.

He had finished his work ahead of schedule and pushed back any entertainment, at least two hours earlier than usual.

After peeking at a book, he opened it but immediately lost interest. He raised a hand and folded the book page and walked to the door. He opened the door and looked at the second bedroom diagonally opposite.

The door was dark.

Dead girl!

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6 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 111”

  1. Thanks for the update
    I think our MC is a bit on the slow uptake if she doesn’t learn after few times of making her husband mad and getting punished


    1. Thank’s for the update,may i ask you to translate spinn of poison genius consort the title is see you love.


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