EP – Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Has nothing to do with you

Coming from the path is a middle-aged man holding a bouquet of white calla lily in his right hand.

The man has a deep countenance, a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his high patrician nose, and an elegance evident from his hands and feet. Although there were some traces of the years, but it still can be seen how handsome he was in his youth.

His gaze first landed on Ning Xiaofei’s little face, which was now filled with anger, then fell on the new tombstone behind her. The man whispered.

“The staff at the cemetery gave me this address. I came to visit Xiao Lin.”

As he spoke, he moved forward and crouched down, placing the bouquet in his hand in front of the tombstone. She watched the man stretch over the palm of his hand to touch the tombstone. Ning Xiaofei opened her mouth coldly.

“Don’t let your dirty hands stain her tombstone!”

The man’s fingers trembled when he wiped off a little dirt from the tombstone. He straightened up again, his eyes gazing at Ning Xiaofei’s face through his lenses.

“Xiao Fei, I know that you hate me, but…do I have no right to give her flowers?”

Controlling the emotions that were on the verge of erupting in her chest, Ning Xiaofei took a deep breath.

“You have already done so. You can go!”

“Xiao Fei…”

“I don’t want to quarrel with you at her tomb.”

“I heard that you are not living with the Ji’s now. What’s going on?”

“My business has nothing to do with you.”

Grabbing her own backpack, she did not even pat the dirt from her clothes and then stood up. Ning Xiaofei quickly stepped on the pebbled road, quickly descending in the direction down the mountain.

“Xiao Fei!”

The man hurriedly chased after her and grabbed her arm. “I know that all the things before were my mistake. You should hate me. I don’t blame you, I… Can I just do something for you?”

Ning Xiaofei suddenly turned and shook off his hand.

“Then stay a little further away from me. Don’t let me see you!”

“Xiao Fei, I know you don’t want to admit it, but I am your father anyway.”

“Father?” Ning Xiaofei sneered, “I don’t have a father!”

She turned around, she hasten her footsteps and rushed down the path.

Looking at her fading figure, the middle-aged man frowned and stood still.

A young man rubbed shoulders with Ning Xiaofei and walked up the hill to stop in front of a middle-aged man.

“Chief Ning, that one just now….?”

Ning Zhiqiu took a light breath, “She’s my daughter, Ning Xiaofei.”

The young man nodded and turned his face down the mountain. “Do you want me to chase her back?”

“No need.”

Ning Zhiqiu regained his gaze and turned back to the new tomb. Before going back near the tombstone, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket and carefully wiped the dust off the tombstone.

Looking at the picture of Ji Zilin on the tombstone, Ning Zhiqiu’s eyebrows couldn’t help but wrinkle tight.

“Xiao Lin… I’m sorry!”



When Ning Xiaofei rushed back to the TV station, it was already at noon. When she first entered the office, she received a phone call from Ye Qiao.

“Boss Ning, have lunch together?”

“Not today.”

Ning Xiaofei was still speaking when Zhang Yue sent her a package.

Her package?

Ning Xiaofei took it in doubt and nodded to Zhang Yue. “Xiao Qiao, let’s dine together next time. I really am busy today.”

“Well, then you. Take care of your business. Speaking of business, the WeChat incident has now been circulated around the entire TV station. We are waiting for the apology on Saturday. Right, this thing has been boiling till now. Everyone’s fired up. You should have a little bit of preparation. These reporters are cunning. Be careful of a paparazzi tailing you!”

TLN: My computer suddenly shut down and now it can’t wake up. 😥😥 The translations I did the other day were lost so this will do for now. Let me edit another

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  1. Thank you so so much. I feel so much for this chapter… shes suffering so much and even forced to marry when her father can do something about it before….

    Thank you so much for translating


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