EP – Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Break your leg

It was a while before she came out of the bathroom once more. After watching the door of the master bedroom vigilantly, Ning Xiofei steeled herself as she mustered her courage to approach the door and knock.

“Husband, can I come in?


Something being thrown over to the door was the only response she got.

She dared not to provoke him again. She bit on her lips and reluctantly returned to the guest room.

The pain on her back was excruciating so so huddled down to the bed, hugged a pillow into her arms and shrank into the quilt.

Spring nights were specially cold. She was on a special period so she struggled to get warm. She spent her time worrying about Mu Tianye until the middle of the night.

When she woke up the next day, her hands and feet were still cold. Even though she felt weary and just wanted to stay in bed, she still had to power up and change into a black suit.

Thinking of Mu Tianye, she quietly walked to the side of the door and strained her ears to catch any movement, but there was nothing.

Ning Xiaofei pushed the door open and saw bright morning light spilled across the hallway. She cautiously walked outside the master bedroom door and through a crack on the panel, she saw two pillows on the carpet. But there seemed to be no one in there.

She nudged the door open and immediately choked on the strong smell of cigarettes. She hurriedly opened the curtains and the windows.

Spinning around, she found the small coffee table by the sofa filled with cigarette butts on the ashtray. She couldn’t help but frown.

With so much smoke, did this guy not sleep all night?

The expression on the man’s face when he questioned her flashed back into her mind. Ning Xiaofei sighed softly.

The room was simply tidied up. She went downstairs with a book with her and sat a glance a note glued on the freezer door with a ref sticker.

“The card and keys are on the cupboard. Dare to run away from home and I’ll break your legs!”

There was no signature on the note but just with this tone, it was too easy to guess that it was from Mu Tianye’s hand.

Ning Xiaofei around and looked at the foyer cabinet.

Sure enough, the key to the apartment and a credit card lay side by side on the cupboard.

She went and reached for the note then tore it apart three times.

“Break my leg. Then I’ll depend on you for the rest of my life!”

Resentfully retorting, she gazed upon the card and the key on the cabinet and in the end still collected them.

Her mother’s grave will be moved today. She as a daughter must buy a bouquet of flowers, purchase some offerings, but with the less than 200 yuan in her pocket, it wasn’t enough!

Looking down again at the card and key in her hand, Ning Xiaofei raised her hand and stuffed them into her pocket.

“Mu Tianye, I owe you a favor!”

Opening the door, she marched out of the villa.



Breakfast was pushed into the back of her mind and she just rushed into the cemetery.

A staff had already been waiting for her so immediately smiled and greeted her. She took her into the office to sign for checkout, various fees, car rental fees, labor costs… Not a shadow from the Ji Family could be seen anywhere so everything was piled up on Ning Xiaofei’s account.

After more than two hours of tossing, Ji Zilin’s ashes were finally entombed and reburied with her maternal grandmother who had died before.

The Ji family of three arrived had arrived earlier and upon seeing that Ning Xiaofei came alone with no Mu Tianye in sight, they immediately found an excuse to leave.

Ning Xiaofei has to pay up for the graveyard herself, cast the tombstone, fill the grave and everything for the burial process… adding up to nearly 5,000 yuan.

Calculating everything up, it totaled up to 10,000 yuan. Fortunately, she had Mu Tianye’s card.

Laying the bouquet she bought in front of her mother’s new tombstone, Ning Xiaofei squatted down and newly flattened earth.

“Mom, you can be with grandmother later on. Don’t worry about me. Your daughter is now married to a rich husband and work has been good…. I’m fine now…”

At the sound of footsteps behind her, Ning Xiaofei slowly turned her face around.

Seeing the man who came over, she immediately stood up with her little face raised up.

“What are you doing here?”

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