EP – Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Love!

Dead girl, gloating, huh?

Mu Tianye was displeased. He wanted to pounce but she had already loosened her hold and trotted away.

“Wait, I’ll find something to help you with!”

Ning Xiaofei found a first aid kit and a sewing kit and quickly returned to the sofa beside him.

Looking at the sewing kit in her hands, Mu Tianye frowned.

Little liar!

She just said she didn’t know where the needle was.

At this moment, Ning Xiaofei has taken hold of his hand again and laid it on her lap.

“Don’t move!”

Turning around, she took a needle from the sewing kit and after disinfecting it with alcohol, she lifted his finger again.

“Such a large blister, ripping the blister off will make it easier to disinfect. I’ll prick it and squeeze the pus out or else, it will hurt for several days… If it hurts a little bit, put up with it!”

Fingers pinching his finger, she carefully pierced the blister with the tip of the needle and on the outer layer of the dead skin. She took cotton swab and gently squeezed the pus inside.

She acted as if she was afraid of his pain while gently squeezing. She also pursed her small mouth and blew on his finger as she wiped with the cotton swab. The pain on his finger seemed to ease a lot….

This dead girl, she still has some brains left!

Mu Tianye’s eyes moved from his fingers and landed on her side profile.

Her hair has just been washed, a little fluffy, slightly disheveled behind her ears, revealing pearly ears, cute earlobes as small as beads. The arc from her jaw to her chin appeared alluring.

When she blows, her cheeks slightly were puffed. The reflection from the crystal lamps, the thin layer of fluff on her skin was clearly visible.

The breeze dispersed with a hint of fruity flavor.

This taste was familiar, which should be the flavor of the body soap she uses – a familiar fruity flavor.

He leaned over a bit to her and slowly discerned that it was the taste of peaches, slightly sweet, tempting to one’s taste buds.

The two were sitting close together. As soon as he moved, the tip of his nose rubbed against the hair on the side of her ear. Ning Xiaofei felt and itch and gently shrank her neck.

“You’re blocking the light. Just hold on a little longer and it’ll be done soon.”

The wouldn’t listen to her admonishment, but flanked her face and rub her hair with his nose.

He likes this taste, sweet and fresh, like her!

“I can’t see anything!”

The light was completely blocked by him so Ning Xiaofei raised her face unhappily. At a glance, the man’s gaze was boring deeply at her, with flames visibly burning beneath those inky eyes.

Realizing the danger in his eyes, she let go of his fingers and tried to get up.

Her body hasn’t left the sofa yet when the man has already captured her wrist and imprisoned her at the corner of the sofa.

Looking back at his magnifying face, Ning Xiaofei shrank back.

“You… What are you doing?!”

She knew but still asks!

A lonely man and a woman, after a sumptuous meal and drink, a long night… What else was there to do?

Mu Tianye reaced out for the long hair that slid down her face, and pinched her chin.

“Make love!”

“Do… make love?!”

This was too direct, wasn’t it?


She still hasn’t said anything yet!

Not giving her the chance to sweep away his fun, Mu Tianye lowered his head and blocked her lips.

This dead girl, she only angers him whenever she speaks. Her lips were more suitable for kissing.

Her lips were soft and sweet, like those sweet candies he had eaten when he was a child, or his favorite peach flavor…

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