EP – Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Can everything be okay?

“If you have anything you need help with, just say the word.”

This tone of voice sounded much like gifting her.

If it were in the business world, whoever could draw this words from Mu Tianye, not to mention being grateful, but he must also be too excited to sleep for a few nights. To get Mu Tianye’s favor, countless people could only hope for it.

For a man as proud as him, this could be considered Mu Tianye making great compromises and concessions.

Upon hearing his statement, Ning Xiaofei’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

So, can she ask him participate in the show?

Putting her excitement in his eyes, a smile flashed across Mu Tianye’s face.

Was she happy?

Dead girl, she’s much more difficult to coax than a client@

Forcing to swallow the food in her mouth, Ning Xiaofei eyes him across the table.

“Is everything okay?”

Mu Tianye pinched his chopsticks.

“Tell me after dinner.”

He almost had to have meals everyday filled with intrigues. Every glass of wine were hidden with interests.

This time, he only wanted to have a proper meal and didn’t want to discuss deals with her.


The thoughts of the column quickly turned over Ning Xiaofei’s mind. She happily forgot her fight with him and picked her bowl to continue eating and drinking. Her good mood was overflowing the same amount as the food she swallowed.

At other dinners, if he remains motionless, others would be afraid to make a move with their chopsticks.

Even when he wanted to pick dishes, others would take the initiative to give them to him so long as he takes the first bite without frowning.

His company would always worry about whether the food was not to his liking.

But presently, Ning Xaiofei, who was sitting opposite him cared nothing of his thoughts at all. Chopsticks to the right, chopsticks to the left, just eating happily. Several times, she just piled up some dishes into her bowl.

In his opinion, this meal was only a compulsory take-away. But the way she eats sweetly and with gusto, the food in front of him seemed to taste a bit more appetizing. Unconsciously, Mu Tianye also ate his own food with another bowl of rice.

Across him, Ning Xiaofei, who had already eaten a lot with a bulge on her belly, sipped on her glass of juice while sneakily observing Mu Tianye.

Watching him put down his chopsticks, she finally felt granted with an amnesty.

“Take a break in the living room first. I’ll clean up and get out right away.”

In a moment, she has to request him something so she could only curry favor.

Mu Tianye has seen through her little mind as early as she opened her mouth, but he made no move to expose her. He rose from his chair and grabbed the scissors on the table then turned to walk out of the kitchen.

Ning Xiaofei immediately took action and quickly packed up the leftovers on the table. She picked up a glass of hot water over and gently put it gently beside Mu Tianye on the table.

Turning her face, she saw him holding her scissors with his left as he poked at his right. She was nonplussed.

“What are you doing?!”

Mu Tianye, who was struggling with his blisters, didn’t notice her coming over and found himself trying to hide his fingers.

“It’s nothing.”

“Do you want to drink some water?” Ning Xiaofei pushed the glass of water flatteringly.

He reached for it when Ning Xiaofei saw a light shadow reflected on the glass. She grabbed his wrist in doubt.

“Hold on!”

She thought it was something on the glass, but on a closer look, she discovered it was the big translucent blisters on his fingers.

“Ha…” When she saw them, she snickered at once. “Was this from last night? No wonder you looked like you were embroidering just now while eating. With such big blisters, it must have hurt…”

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