Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Your family’s young miss is too formidable!

“Miss, I didn’t expect the Hell’s Palace to be so vulnerable. Yesterday, we only took a few of the poisons you gave us… In less than a stick incense, everybody was killed off… Now, the number under the Hell’s Palace could only be counted. They all have surrendered completely to our Fengyeluo.” While Luzhu was narrating everything, her face couldn’t restrain her excitement.

Last night, they took a few people together to annihilate the Hell’s Palace. As the second largest killer organization, they originally thought they had to move rivers and lakes. They have readied themselves for the effort it might have taken. How could they have known that the Hell’s Palace would collapsed at the first blow?

Feng Chuge has put down the account book on her hand and finally couldn’t resist the smile creeping out of her lips. She chuckled-

“Stupid… It’s not that they are vulnerable. Isn’t it because your Miss is just too formidable? If it weren’t for me sending you poison… It’s estimated that you might have ended in gloom….”

Her remark made Luzhu laugh. “Your right, Miss is the most powerful.”

Leaning on the wicker chair, Feng Chuge played with wisps of hair scattered on her chest and casually asked-

“Have you heard from godfather recently?”

“Right… If young miss haven’t mentioned it, this servant might have forgotten it.” After Feng Chuge’s reminder, Luzhu thought of another matter, “These two days, the lord has sent a message for miss to go to Yuntian Academy…”

“Yuntian Academy?” Feng Chuge slightly squinted.

Achen has also asked her to go there before.

“The lord said, let Miss go to Yuntian Academy to retrieve something.”

Feng Chuge raised a brow, “Oh?”

Luzhu shook her head, “What it is, this servant doesn’t know. The Lord said that when you go, he will inform you later…” Luzhu continued to speak. “Miss, rest assured, that I, Zilan and Biluo will always follow Miss. Wherever the Miss goes, we servants will go…”

Listening her saying so, it would be a lie if Feng Chuge said she wasn’t moved.

She turned her head and smiled, “It’s over… It seems that all of your lives will be delayed by me… I still wonder when to find some good people to marry you off.”

“Even if we get married, we will always follow the Young Miss…” Luzhu’s eyes were brimming with determination.

Feng Chuge kept her smile. “The entrance examination of Yuntian Academy is only a half month later?”

“Yes, Miss.” Luzhu answered. “Yuntian Academy only recruits four people every time… just four.”

“Only four are enrolled?!!” Feng Chuge was shocked at this sudden information.

“Miss, you don’t know? Yuntian Academy only accepts four people in each session. Isn’t this the so-called few is better that too much? However….in the past, every year, the number of people who never once met their requirements was more than four people. So, as long as the requirements are met, you can directly get in… There aren’t too many people who know the specific rules. But this time, it is different. At present, us for could be accounted for the quota. That He Lian Jin Yu over there, we’ve heard that he wanted to go in…”

So, there are at least five people at the moment.”

Feng Chuge’s lips twitched —


It’s too coincidental, isn’t it..

She could swear… she absolutely has never wanted to interfere with He Lian Jin Yu’s entry into Yuntian Academy.

But now, it seems that she need not interfere. He’s unlikely to…

Thinking of He Lian Jin Yu’s arrogance that day, Feng Chuge revealed a ghostly smile….


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