TOCH – Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Why did you come back?

The assistant nodded lightly, “Yes, he is now the chief executive of Rongxi, Bei Shaoye.”

In fact, it wasn’t the first time that Luo Yibei and Fei Si Nuo has encountered each other. Since one of them was a descendant of the nobility while the other was from an elite family, they have crossed paths in numerous occasions, but had no direct contact.

His inquiry was purely for confirmation.

After getting a positive answer, he didn’t say anything else, just looked out of the window once more.

The sports car outside the window has already sped away and the car’s shadow has become smaller and smaller till like a dot, it finally disappeared into the night.

Fei Si Nuo kept his gaze in the direction for a good moment before faintly commanding the driver, “Let’s go!”

The black Rolls Royce, after that, started and left….

Luo Yibei drove directly to their home.

Upon arriving to their abode, Fang Chixia first went upstairs and went straight into the bathroom.

When Luo Yibei followed up, she has already taken a shower. She was standing in the balcony drying her long hair with a towel.

Luo Yibei strode into the room and sat lazily on a sofa chair beside the window, and quietly stared in her direction.

There was such a big event tonight. They couldn’t have made out in time, but she didn’t seem frightened at all.

After leaving the scene, she came home, took a bath and acted as if everything was fine.

Even her mood was jolly, humming a song while squeezing her long hair. As usual, her voice was very light, singing a nursery rhyme with not a note out of tune.

This was always her routine, as if unaffected by anything around her.

Her courage in the face of danger was much better than the average girl.

While Luo Yibei listened to her singing, the corners of his eyes twitched. He reclined on the sofa with a hand resting on his forehead, but he still kept his gaze at her.

Fang Chixia sensed his presence behind her, but she kept on her task.

Luo Yibei thought back on the the way she ran back to the villa. He casually asked, “How did you know there was danger?”

“That?” Fang Chixia glanced at him sideways and explained, skipping her encounter with Fei Si Nuo, “I was about to go out of the villa when I suddenly sniffed an unusual taste when passing through a corridor. I later found out there were some spilled gasoline along the hallways, so I guessed.”

Luo Yibei was somewhat surprised with her explanation but he remained calm and collected.

A moment of silence reigned between the two.

Fang Chixia with her towel continued drying her hair.

After rubbing it almost dry, she turned around to get into the room. While passing, Luo Yibei caught her wrist and dragged her to himself.

Fang Chixia gave him a questioning look.

Luo Yibei still had his head hung low while his fingertips tapped on the windows screen. He stayed silent for a while before slowly lifting his face up.

His deep gaze bored right through her eyes. He stared at her for a while then asked tentatively, “Why did you come back at that time knowing how dangerous it might be?”

The pace of his inquiry was dragged slowly, one word a time, making it unusually clear. His eyes also seemed to twinkle.

Fang Chixia was caught off-guard, but returned instantly, “Weren’t there many people inside?”

There was nothing wrong with this indifferent answer, but it made Luo Yibei’s face somber



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