EP – Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Mood gradually cleared up

Smelling the tempting scent, Ning Xiaofei instinctively swallowed her saliva.

She had come directly from the TV station. Until now, she has had no dinner so salivating was a bit inevitable.

Taking in her subtle movements, Mu Tianye walked towards the kitchen with the paper bag.

“Come and eat!”

Ning Xiaofei held the pair of scissors and followed behind him. At the sight of the bag on the table, she licked her lips and opened her mouth.

“I… I want to talk to you!”

Since he drove her away, they should make clear of their relationship from now on and how to deal with each other. IN anyway, tomorrow will be the moving of her mother’s grave. A divorce wouldn’t be a big deal.

Later, he would walk on his sunny road, while she step on her wooden bridge!


“I like to stand.”

Standing would help her escape. What if he started on her again?

A burning pain gripped Mu Tianye when his fingers touched the hot meal box. He scowled at the stacked boxes.

“I don’t like it!”

Seeing that the man was about to lose his temper, Ning Xiaofei pulled a chair and sat down the farthest from him.

Mu Tianye’s brow eased a bit. He opened the boxes one by one. A box of rice was taken out. He opened the lid and placed it in front of her.

Trying to control her craving to gobble up the food on the table, Ning Xiaofei blinked and plucked up her courage once more.

“I… I think…”

The man interrupted her words in displeasure.

“Either eat together or shut up!”

He had taken the initiative to buy her food, put rice in front of her, even positioned the chopsticks beside her…

If this dead girl wasn’t ungrateful. Did she want him to feed her?

He picked up his own chopsticks but the pain made his mood even more irritable. He had to slow down his movements in order not to touch the blisters.

The sight of the man clipping the vegetables as if embroidering coupled with the mouth-watering aroma in the air, Ning Xiaofei could only clench her teeth and swallow intermittently.

With the speed he was eating, when would he be finished, ah?

Peeking at the dishes on the table, her hand holding the scissors tightened. She raised it and slammed it on the table then brought the bowl of rice nearer to her front.

Whatever he wanted to do, she has to fill her stomach first. When she’s full, she’d have the strength to quarrel with him.

Now that she was willing to eat, Mu Tianye’s anger slightly diminished. His appetite also improved. He stretched out a hand to clip another piece of vegetable on the box when Ning Xiaofei did the same and stole it unceremoniously to her bowl.

Mu Tianye lifted an unsmiling face and saw the little girl’s chopsticks moving speedily. She kept on stuffing vegetables into her small mouth. In a moment, two small cheeks puffed up, funny and a little cute.

He had drunk some wine tonight. In fact, he had no appetite as these dishes were originally meant for her.

Watching the unladylike girl across him eating with no sense of table manners, a breeze seemed to blow over and in a flash, whisked away the clouds on the man’s heart. Gradually, his mood cleared up.

He put down his chopsticks and pushed two more dishes her way. He opened his mouth again.

“Return to the apartment tomorrow night.”

It was close to where she works and it would be more convenient for her.

Ning Xiaofei didn’t expect him to speak so suddenly. As her mouth was fully stuffed, she was unable to speak. She raised big eyes and looked at him in surprise.

What the hell was that?

Driver her out and then let later let her stay…

What did he think she was? Did he think after slapping her then feeding her some sweets, everything will be forgotten?

Ning Xiaofei tried hard to swallow the food in her mouth, emptying her it to refute him.

But opposite her, Mu Tianye was very satisfied with her “consent”. His mood brightened even more so he continued, “If you have anything I can do to help, just say the word.”

7 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 104”

  1. Wanting more!!! This is so good. Though i support the divorce. She’s been beaten black and bruise all over. I wish that a chapter where she can just rest have fun and laugh.
    For the first time i wish that the egolomaniac artist will be someone she can confine in. Sure she doesnt anyone – shes strong. But a little bit of someone to hold her hand and say its okay. She deserves it.

    Thank you and i will wait for more šŸ™‚


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