EP – Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Never in his dictionary

Even you are mine.

The five words reverberated with absolute supremacy.

Being a smart mouth such as Ning Xiaofei, she failed to come up with quick come back with that.

“Put them back, wash yourself and then come look for me downstairs.


Ning Xiaofei stood in the same place.

“Not…” Until the man strode out of the door did she regained her senses. Clutching the bra and sanitary napkin in both hands, she chased after him, “Didn’t you say yesterday… didn’t you say you don’t want to see me again?”

When has she ever been obedient to his orders?

Mu Tianye slowly turned around, proudly overlooking the dirty little girl in front of him.

“Are you waiting for me to help you?”

Help her… to bath?

“No… No need!”

Ning Xiaofei waved her hands hurriedly and ran back to the bedroom then to the bathroom.

Watching her close the door, the man blinked smugly.

Dead girl, dare argue with him!

Ning Xiaofei quickly imprisoned herself in the bathroom and took a shower again. When she stood before the mirror to blow her hair, she was still at a loss.

He had asked her to disappear yesterday, but now, he wanted her to say… What the hell is the problem with him?

Forget it. She stopped deliberating on it. She opened the suitcase and changed into a clean set of clothes then marched downstairs at once.

She was still on the stairs when she saw Mu Tianye pulling open a cupboard next to the wall, as if looking for something.

Recalling the happenings last night, Ning Xiaofei’s heart couldn’t help but tighten.

This man wasn’t thinking of tossing her even more terribly, was h e?

Stepping down the stairs, she quietly pulled open a drawer. She originally intended to find a defensive tool but only a sewing kit was contained in the drawer. When the man straightened up, she was busy fishing out a pair of scissors. Today, if he dare strike her again, she’ll show him colors.

Turning his face at Ning Xiaofei, Mu Tianye closed the drawer in front of him.

“Where’s the needle?”

Ning Xiaofei quickly hid her fingers holding the scissors behind her.

“You… Are you looking for a needle?”

This pervert wasn’t looking into abusing her with a needle, was he?

If she had known that this big man has been tossed around for a night by a small blister, she would surely make fun of him. Too bad, he would never give her this chance.

“I asked you not so you will ask me!”

“I… I don’t know.”

Seeing the chest of drawers behind her, Mu Tianye strode over. Ning Xiaofei was scared stiff. She jumped to the side while grabbing the phone from her pocket.

“You… don’t come over!” She raised the scissors in her hand and stared vigilantly at the man in front of her. “Mu Tianye, I tell you. If you dare come, I… I will call the police now!”

Mu Tianye froze for a moment as his eyes touched her trembling fingers. He suddenly understood what she was afraid of.

His gaze eyes fell on her neckline. The shirt collar was left open revealing visible dark purple traces — traces left when he got out of control last night.

Standing in the same place for a while, Mu Tianye cleared his throat.

Sorry. This word run a few laps around his mouth but in the end, he still couldn’t speak it out.

He has always been a ruthless man with absolute power over his subordinates. Being an indifferent businessman for years, the pride in his bones was needless to say.

Admit his mistakes, apologize…

These have never been in his dictionary.

Ding —

The doorbell rang.

Mu Tianye turned and headed to the door. He returned in a moment with a large paper bag in hand.

In the air, the savory aroma of the meal instantly fluttered out.

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