TOCH – Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Let’s go

Fang Chixia stood in the hallway. She seemed to have run in a hurry. The sweat on her forehead was trickling down and her skirt was held up. She looked unkempt.

When he saw her searching around anxiously, he was a bit taken aback.

When their eyes met, she seemed to want to say something, but with their relationship as it was, she held back….

With a brief exchanges of glance, she averted her eyes and walked forward. She breathed in and calmly began to evacuate a large group of people still in the hall. “Everyone, listen. It is not safe here. An fire may erupt anytime. Now, try to find the nearest exit and quickly evacuate the villa at the fastest speed. Go!”

Luo Yibei obviously didn’t expect her to know of the danger and rush back. When her directions fell, a quiet ripple disturbed the calmness in his eyes.

Fang Chixia looked at him sideways and stretched a hand, taking the initiative to hold his hand.

Luo Yibei wanted to ask her a lot of things but in their current situation, there wasn’t much time for dallying.

“Let’s go!” A big hand fastened a grip on hers as he strode outside the villa with her in tow.

The smell of gasoline in the villa was spreading quickly.

The odor has also grown thicker and thicker.

Danger could be felt rippling in the air.

Luo Yibei run much faster than Fang Chixia with his long legs.

Fang Chixia could feel the numbness in her legs. Even her eyes has started getting blurry. She didn’t even know she managed to get out of the villa.

When the two’s figure just rushed out of the villa, a huge explosion erupted at a certain area in the villa, followed by another, swallowing the whole place.

Thick flames immediately sprang up and flared into the sky.

The whole sky was shrouded in flames.

Fang Chixia stood outside panting and gasping in shock as her face slowly lifted up.

The fire has spread in fervor though a little part outside was slightly spared. The banquet hall however had been completely devoured by the flames.

Luo Yibei quietly took in everything, his eyes turning dark and heavy.

This huge accident was obviously well-designed.

Just who the hell were they coming for tonight?

Not far away, Fei Si Nuo sat in the car watching the two people and thinking back on how Fang Chixia ran back inside. His eyes darkened as he seemed to have thought of something.

“Young Master, are we going to leave?” The driver in front of him turned his head and respectfully asked for direction.

Fei Si Nuo pulled himself together, but didn’t immediately answer. Instead, he turned the topic to the matter when they just rushed in, “What information have you gathered beforehand?”

“Young Master, we also got news just a few minutes before the explosion, saying that someone may have staged an ambush here tonight.” The butler next to the driver replied.

“Who were they coming for?” His fingertips tapped on his phone’s screen as Fei Si Nuo asked again.

The butler in front hesitated before uttering, “…you.”

Fei Si Nuo was first startled, but then recovered quickly.

The price of being in a high position, this has been a truth instilled in him at an early age.

The higher he climbs in power, naturally the more enemies there’ll be.

Through the car window, he saw Fang Chixia taken by Luo Yibei to the direction of their car.

She has never glanced in his direction till the two left.

Fei Si Nuo watched silently and then asked the assistant beside him, “Is that the current head of Rongxi?”



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