TOCH – Chapter 259

Chapter 259: A perilous night

Fang Chixia passively followed behind him, running while identifying what the taste was.

Weird, a bit like….


Fang Chixia’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

Why would there be such a thing in the villa?

On another corridor far away from the two, a man dressed up seemingly as a waiter was casually walking around in the meantime.

However, when there was no one around, the tray on his hand was titled abruptly and everything inside the bottle was poured out.

The design of this villa was wholly complex. Many of the corridors were intertwined and with everyone now in the banquet hall, not one noticed what has happened outside.

Fang Chixia stopped in place, but her mind turned over fast.

Fei Si Nuo himself seemed alerted of their unusual surroundings. He loosened his hold and his footsteps came to a hal.

“Why is there this?” Fang Chixia walked back a few steps and continued sniffing around.

Everytime she took a step back, the putrid smell sharpened. The source seemed directly coming from the banquet hall!

Fang Chixia was alarmed. She pondered for a while then her suddenly lifted up.

In Fei Si Nuo’s disbelief, she suddenly ran and sprinted to the banquet hall at the end of the corridor.

“Where are you going? Don’t go in!” Fei Si Nuo called her in the back.

“The banquet hall is in danger and there are still a lot of people there!” Fang Chixia returned, still running inside.

She bolted speedily but due to her long dress, she stumbled several times along the way. In the end, she raised the skirt up.

Fei Si Nuo wanted to follow her but a few entourage suddenly came from the outside of the villa and blocked him. “Young Master, it’s not safe! Let’s get out of here!”

“Let go!” Fei Si Nuo shove a few people’s hands and attempted to go inside. However, he was once again pulled back by his security. “Young Master, listen to us. Please go out first!”

Fei Si Nuo’s resentful fist landed on a stone pillar on his side. He made no move perisisting forward but he didn’t follow them outside either.

In the hall.

After a few chats with several acquaintances, Luo Yibei was also alerted by the difference in their surroundings.

The whiff of gasoline that was blown in by the wind from time to time was not so distinct in the banquet hall, especially with so many women bathed in bottles of perfumes.

However, his sense of smell was sharper than that of an ordinary person so he could distinguish what the average person can’t detect.

He wanted to leave but he has no idea where Fang Chixia has gone to.

When he tried to call her, he found out that the signal in the place was non-existent!

If even the signal in the area was blocked, then the game tonight has long been premeditated.

He just wasn’t in the know who this game was for.

“Fang Chixia!” Pushing the crowd away, Luo Yibei gaze sifted back and forth, combing every corner of the place.

There were a lot of people on the scene and everything was in order. No one seemed to have noticed the anomaly.

The venue was truly deceptive.

The danger was likely to be triggered at any time.

Luo Yibei wasn’t in the mood to consider so many unrelated people but Fang Chixia was someone he couldn’t ignore.

“Fang Chixia!” Luo Yibei has been searching for a while, but with her figure nowhere, his eyes turned apprehensive.

There was only a fine shredding of guests chatting, but there was no response around.

“Fang Chixia –” Luo Yibei pushed his way out of another crowd and walked a few steps away. He was about to go out of the hall to continue searching when he caught a glimpse of her figure tripping in her rush to get inside.



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  1. Will they be the only ones to get out of harm’s way. Did master Fei have anything to do with the gasoline?
    Thank you for this duo chapter event.


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