TOCH – Chapter 258

Chapter 258: You don’t look so safe

Fei Si Nuo handed her one of the glasses of wine in his hand and drank casually from another glass.

Fang Chixia stared at the wine he had brought over and catching a glimpse of the red cherry floating inside, her eyes stagnated.

The wine he brought was the same one he had taken from her. It has a very romantic name, Angel’s Kiss. Even the red cherry placed inside complements the glass.

When Fang Chixia was fixed on the glass of wine, she unconsciously thought back on the way he had superbly caught her glass.

Although she was staring at the drink calmly, her vision clouded uncomfortably disturbed.

“You came alone tonight?” Fei Si Nuo seemed to be free. After he had sat down, he seemed to have no plans of going away and started to chat with her carefree.

“No.” Fang Chixia denied.

“Oh?” Fei Si Nuo sounded surprised with her answer but he also recovered rather quickly and even echoed. “Right, it’s not safe to come alone.”

Fang Chixia tipped her head sideways, looking at him askance.

Fei Si Nuo made no sound to explain more, but just spat out a sentence, “When there are a lot of men, it is not safe.”

His tone has always been leaden with a touch of banter as he prolonged his words giving off the impression that he was flirting.

Fang Chixia was quite in agreement with his claim so she seconded, “You look pretty unsafe yourself.”

Her thoughts on Fei Si Nuo were put forward bluntly and straightforwardly.

This man is like a poison, a deadly attraction. A woman wouldn’t stop falling for his charm, but he doesn’t have the looks of a good man.

Fei Si Nuo seemed surprised at her honest remark. He was speechless, but then suddenly chuckled.

“Is that so? Then do you want to avoid me?” Restraining the expression on his face, he attempted cracking a joke.

In fact, Fang Chixia has long been immune to good looking people, what with facing a man like Luo Yibei all day long. As for danger, she didn’t have to worry about that.

With so many people around tonight, what else is there that he would do?

However, she couldn’t say so much to Fei Si Nuo.

“First time here, huh? I’ll show you around!” Her silence answered Fei Si Nuo already.

Standing up, he sorted his clothes nonchalantly and naturally took her hand as he made way outside the villa.

An action that stunned Fang Chixia and struggled to free her hand from his hold. Fei Si Nuo however stubbornly pulled her and refused to let go. His pace even accelerated from just walking into a run…

His legs are very long and his footsteps were fast, coupled with his strength, Fang Chixia failed to free her hand. She could only passively follow him outside of the villa. “Hey, where are you taking me? Let go of my hand first!”

“Nearby, you should like it!” Fei Si Nuo reluctantly answered but he continued running out.

In the hallway, the two run one after the other and the spectators only thought they were a couple rushing out for a date.

The white corridor, illuminated by bright lights, the figures of the two could be seen at a glance.

Occasionally, several servants would pass by and greet Fei Si Nuo, bowing respectfully to him then retreating quietly.

And in the garden, from time to time, the wind blew accompanied by a burst of floral scent, but also bringing a strange taste everywhere….



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