Chapter 66 & 67

Chapter 66: Anyone who swallows grievances when wronged is a silly X!

As long as he thinks of his son Yun Qianche, Master Yun would always feel invigorated.

The so-called soreness in his waist and sourness in his legs ~ coupled with his anger, have all but dissipated….

Master Rong’s lips moved as he opened his mouth in retort but in the end, nothing came out.

Within the four major families, when speaking of the youngsters, the best were indeed from the Yun’s family.

In the entire Yuntian continent, Yun Qianche has always been a man of great talent, nobody could deny this!!

Although he has two children who entered Yuntian Academy, the strength of those two people were completely sub-par to the Yun’s peerless siblings.

The two siblings from the Rong Family have been in the academy for two years. One entered a year earlier but still remained in the worst class for such a long time…

These major families would always compare each other.

The juniors of each family represent the potential future development of each family.

As far as potentials were concerned, Rong Family fell short compared to the Yun Family.

At the sight of Master Rong’s face which a moment ago has been arrogant but has now turned sullen in a flash, Master Yun couldn’t help but snort smugly.

“All right, what happened today is really outrageous… Take your seats everyone… Don’t cause any more trouble….” The Emperor rubbed his brows as if to ward off a headache.

Who would have thought that there would be so many surprises today?

With the Emperor’s decree, everyone finally settled down.

Everyone was stewing on their own thoughts but nobody dared utter a sound.

Some feared that bad luck would befall them this day.

Only He Lian Jin Yu who was still simmering with anger at Feng Chuge sat back in his own spot with a cloudy face.

He lifted his eyelids and stared daggers across at Feng Chuge. If looks could kill, Feng Chuge would have been slayed many times over.

No one has ever dared to insult him so much in front of a crowd!

Feng Chuge ws the first one!

“Third Prince, what do you think? This lady of the Feng Family is really a wonderful person, isn’t she?” Beside him, someone chuckled.

“Hah –” He Lian Jin Yu snorted. “What a vicious woman!! She’s just a three-legged cat.”

三脚猫 – literally means a three-legged cat which means jack of all trades and master of none.

He Lian Zi Xuan poured a cup of tea. His slender fingers gently stroked the tea cup while his gaze deepened more.

He would never tell He Lian Jin Yu that Feng Chuge was in fact already an intermediate refining pharmacist!!

However, he could imagine how funny He Lian JinYu’s expression would be when he were to know of this fact….


The banquet has finally come to an end so everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

As soon as the Emperor announced the end of the banquet, the rest of the Yun Family and the people of the Rong Family fled and dared not to linger any longer, for fear of any further surprises.

They couldn’t be blamed for being too anxious. The number of accidents that had happened were just too much…

Feng Chuge also wanted to retire but the Empress stopped her.

“Your Majesty, is there anything else you need?” Feng Chuge asked.

The Empress descended from her high seat followed by her entourage. She reached out and held Feng Chuge’s hand tightly….

“Chuge… Jin Yu isn’t a bad child. You shouldn’t take his words to heart…”

Feng Chuge’s brows rose. She looked the Empress in the eye and finally nodded, “I will not take the initiative to mess with him?”

She has never been one to find trouble with anyone.

But… if the other party troubles her at her door, she certainly won’t sit back and reciprocate without courtesy!

Anyone who swallows grievances when wronged is a silly X!

Chapter 67: Danger on the road

How couldn’t the Empress understand Feng Chuge’s meaning?

He Lian Jin Yu’s temper, the Empress knows best.

In fact, his natural disposition wasn’t bad. He was only really stubborn. Once he decided on soemthing, he would definitely hold on to his argument the knock the other party down.

An instancee would be now, he has determined that Feng Chuge wasn’t a good seed…

Thinking of these, the Empress sighed, “It’s a pity that Jin Yu has no vision.”

For quite a while, the Empress finally released Feng Chuge. “You must have been tired enough today. Just go back first… Remember to take good care of yourself. If you have any difficulty in the future, come and find aunt… That year, your aunt was best friends with your mother.”

At the mention of Princess Jiande, Empress Su paused…

Feng Chuge didn’t miss the flash of regret in the Empress’s eyes.

In her memory, the mother of this body has never smiled and was always filled with gloom. She finally succumbed to her sorrows and disease and died.

The Empress sighed again, “I will not leave you anymore. How about coming to the palace to accompany me in the future?”

Feng Chuge nodded with a smile. “Sure, when there is a chance, Chuge will often come…”

After a few more polite exchanges, Feng Chuge left the palace.

They boarded their carriage and started off on the road.

Zilan was harnessing the horses outside while Feng Chuge and Achen were sitting on opposite sides inside.

Along the way, Achen never said a word.

“Little Chen Chen, what’s wrong with you? You weren’t frightened by the bloody seen at the banquet, were you?” Feng Chuge has now only come to realize, replaying the events at the banquet … Uh…

Everything…. wasn’t really appropriate for children…

Achen slowly opened his eyes.

“Woman, I won’t let you marry a pig or marry a dog…

While enforcing his dictate, Achen’s round eyes were as bright as stars.

Feng Chuge suddenly choked. What’s actually running in this devil’s mind?

She was just saying that casually. This kid actually took it to heart?

However, she bowed her head and peeked at the solid resolve apparent in his eyes. Feng Chuge couldn’t help but feel a warmth growing in her heart.

Her red lips twitched slightly. She reached out and patted Achen’s head. “Little Devil, so you know how to say nice things!”

Achen lowered his head but shine in his eyes couldn’t be mistaken.

One day, Feng Chuge would come to know that he isn’t a child.

Their carriage continued its way to the south.

In a mountain forest not far from the Feng’s residence, Feng Chuge who was resting on one side with eyes closed suddenly opened her eyes.

Around them, the blow of the wind has changed bringing the sound of rustling leaves.

In the midst of this noise, a strange scent arose…

A glint of chill flashed across her eyes.

This scent was very familiar.

That is…


Simultaneously, Achen seemed to have noticed the anomaly outside. He opened his eyes and held to Meatball in his hands.

“Woman, someone came to trouble you…”

Achen has just finished speaking when the sound of trees breaking crackled all around…

Countless powerful currents from the surroundings sped directly towards the carriage right after.

Feng Chuge’s eyes shrank.

She reached out and carried Achen.

The exact moment that the air current smashed through the carriage, only a loud noise was heard as Feng Chuge flew out carrying Achen.

Zilan was also close behind as they dodged to one side….

When they looked back, they found that the carriage they were riding was now raging with fire.

Feng Chuge stood aside, narrowing her eyes up at the rows of black figures not far away….

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