Ep – Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Dare to play tricks on him?

Zhou Tao opened a folder and presented a fax on his desk. “I have transferred the video recording apartment’s security department and will be checking it out shortly. This fax is from Hong Kong. It is an urgent document and needs your signature.”

After seeing Zhou Tao this morning, Mu Tianye’s first order was for him to find out the man who had been ‘fooling around’ with Ning Xiaofei.

Zhou Tao was too afraid to neglect so he personally ran to Lanting apartment and only said that something was stolen from the apartment. He let the security department transfer the monitoring considering the privacy of his boss. He dared not let others see.

Mu Tianye gripped his pen and signed the fax. When he gathered the documents, his finger hit the pen and a tingling pain recurred.

By this time, Zhou Tao had taken out a credit card out of his pocket and also placed it on the desk.

“I saw this in the hall of the apartment. The keys to the apartment were also there. And, listening to the security guard, the lady left at 12:00 last night.”

Mu Tianye’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the credit card on the desk.

Leaving the card and key behind and even leaving in the dead of the night, dead girl, still playing him away from home?

She has wronged him first but she still had the guts to play tricks on him!

“Don’t worry about her!”

She had no money on her and it would impossible for her to return home. At best, she would be staying staying over with some friends and would return soon.

If he ever uncovers any evidence of her infidelity, he would clean her up himself!

After fixing the documents on the desk, Mu Tianye handed them to Zhou Tao.

“Send this immediately to the Germany Branch.”

The moment Zhou Tao gathered the file and left, Mu Tianye immediately gripped the credit card in his hand. Accidentally, his blisters grazed the edge of the card which resulted in another burning pain.

He dropped the card on the desk in frustration and with his fingers, pinched the blisters again. He wanted to rip them off but the dead skin were hard and tough. He simply wasn’t able to rip them off but caused a searing pain on his fingers instead.


He shook his hand as he stood up. He grabbed his car key walked out of the office.



Column Group Office

Ning Xiaofei carefully finalized the information Xu Yang also gave her and stretched her arms up and bent to the left and right. When she saw the date displayed on the computer, she frowned.

The time before the relocation of the grave was in two days. Why hasn’t the Ji’s inform her of anything? Did they have a change of heart?

Ning Xiaofei caught sight of her phone at the corner of her desk and suddenly raised a hand and slapped her forehead.


How could she have forgotten that her phone had been with Xicheng for the past two days. Even if they did call, she wouldn’t be able to answer.

With this in mind, she hurriedly turned on the phone that was charging. After flipping through the business card of the cemetery manager for his number, she dialed it.

“Miss Ning, why have you called only now? We’ve been dying to reach you! Everything has been arranged. All that’s left is your signature. Why did you turn your phone off?”

“I’m so sorry, my mobile phone was lost.” Ning Xiaofei was feeling relieved deep within. “That… can I go there right now?”

“By the time you arrive here, I would already be off work. Otherwise, we will be discussing the move with the Ji Family tomorrow. Just drop by directly tomorrow morning to get the formalities done.”

“Okay, okay” Ning Xiaofei quickly agreed. “I will see you tomorrow.”

She has long been waiting for this day. As soon as she moved the grave tomorrow, she will move back to the Ji’s residence for food and drinks.

When she put the phone down and she noticed Ji Mo who was passing by, she immediately stood up.

“Director Ji, please wait a moment.”

Ji Mo stopped and turned to face her. Ning Xiaofei met his rudeness with a smile and cautiously asked, “I’ll be moving my mother’s grave tomorrow. Can I ask for another half day off? If I finish the matter ahead of time, I’ll ensure to head to the office at once.”

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