Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Feng Qianxue is lonely…

At the same time that she slowly waited, her body grew hotter and hotter. Her gaze also gradually blurred…

Feng Qianxue shook her head to clear her mind. She only had that glass of wine.

But the intense burning sensation in her body shattered her remaining rationality into pieces.

At this moment, countless ants seemed to be crawling on her skin.

In an instant, intermittent heat burst out and flowed through her veins.

It was only a moment of work and her sight was completely became clouded.

Just as Feng Qianxue’s has thought, once the aphrodisiac took effect, a person’s whole behavior would be completely be out of control of the brain!!

Feng Qianxue’s eyes narrowed into slits, trying to focus on the light that passed through her blurred eyes.

She kept on fidgeting and gyrating, at the same time letting out a moan.

That faint moan attracted everyone’s attention.

The crowd turned their eyes on her and were thrilled at the scene —

Feng Qianxue was actually taking her own clothes off!!

The people of the Yun Family also looked at Feng Qianxue and their faces turned extremely ugly!

“Feng Qianxue, what are you doing?” Glaring at Feng Qianxue, Master Yun snapped out loud.

But Feng Qianxue heard none of Master Yun’s words as she continued girating…

Fury surged through Master Yun as she pulled Feng Qianxue.

Perhaps Feng Qianxue sensed a man’s breath nearby as her whole person dived into Master Yun’s arms and pounced…

“Hisss —” The crowd all gasped.

Some people couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“It seems really as Feng Chuge has said, Feng Qianxue is lonely….”

The face of Master Yun has become particularly ugly.

He jerked Feng Qianxue forward and directly knocked her out…

“What the hell is going on?” Master Yun inspected Feng Qianxue and doubtfully asked.

Of course he was clear that Feng Qianxue was acting abnormally and she was definitely drugged!

“Your Majesty, Feng Qianxue must have been drugged. I ask your Majesty to ask someone to examine her.” Master Yun implored.

Feng Qianxue has now married into the Yun Family. If today’s events were to be spread, it would definitely bring damage to Yun Family’s reputation.

But… If there were other causes for this, it might turn different.

Today’s banquet was really eventful. The Emperor has never expected so many things to happen at the banquet.

He was irritated at the bottom of his heart but he could only nod a Master Yun’s plea.

He summoned a eunuch, “Go, call Lin Mu over —“

Lin Mu is a junior refining pharmacist who serve the He Lian Family.

A junior refining pharmacist’s rank might not be high but in a continent where refining pharmacists are extremely scarce, he is already considered a treasure.

Because of this, Lin Mu became one of the most important figures in the He Lian family.

The eunuch dared not to tarry and hurriedly carried out the command…

In a short while, Lin Mu has already arrived.

“Take a look. What’s going on with her?” It was only when Lin Mu appeared that Master Yun promptly spoke again.

Lin Mu stepped forward and examined Feng Qianxue’s breath and pulse. Lastly, he opened her mouth —

“Your Majesty, Master Yun, she has taken an aphrodisiac…”

“Aphrodisiac?” Hearing this word, everyone present were had changes on their looks.

Aphrodisiac, one of the three considered vile drug actually made an appearance here….

“She has taken an aphrodisiac out of nowhere… It looks like someone is trying to set her up…” He Lian Jin Yu on one side suddenly inserted and looked somewhere. “Feng Chuge… You’re the only one who offered her a toast, is this trick your doing?”


TLN : Měirén zuì – Literally translated Beauty Drink – Aphrodisiac (I used this instead.) 

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